The long and winding road to fitness, day 91

The Hot Tub

Image by Jon Person via Flickr

I really, truly had fleeting thoughts about not posting tonight.  I am so exhausted, worked 12 hours and we were busy, busy, busy…so busy, in fact, that we’re going in at 4 am tomorrow…ugh!  I bet anyone who never worked in retail is surprised to find out how many hours we work and how early we go in.  There’s just always so much to do.  But I’m here writing a little before I go upstairs to soak in a hot tub and then go to bed, hopefully to sleep.

I finished the day with almost 1600 calories and the only exercise of the day was what I got in at work.  I don’t really know what else I can do on days like today, days when I’m already tired and hurting when I wake up in the morning and I know that it won’t get any easier over the course of the day.  So I guess I’ll just have to let it be, do what I can do on the days I can do it and not stress about it the rest of the time.  I need to make it through the next three months and then I can get a little rest, maybe take a little time off, and spend that time improving my fitness level so that I don’t feel like this at this time next year.

So, did you do anything fun today?  Did you have good weather?  Do any shopping?


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  1. I’m glad you took time to post. I would have missed you. Hope the hot bath helped, and your sleep is sweet. It rained here all day. We had hoped to get to the garden center and/or the botanical garden. Only one more week on their butterfly house, and we’ve been trying to get out to see it for 2-3 years! The summer is too hot, and then hubby’s work hours became, well, a lot like yours. My son-in-law worked retail for years. I didn’t realize how many “extra” hours were expected of managers. I see the ads for all the crazy hours around the holidays, and feel badly for the people who have to work them. I did 50 mins on the exercise bike today–on a Saturday! lol I guess being ‘rained in’ was helpful. Sleep well, I’m headed for bed, too.

    • oh my gosh, 50 minutes on the exercise bike…awesome!! The garden center and botanical garden both sound fun…I hope you make it out there before they close for the season. Talking about crazy hours, we started working on Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. I knew, that first time, that we’d be doing it from then on. It was unbelievably busy and that’s what it’s all about in retail. Kind of sad tho…miss spending time with family and friends.

  2. You are doing awesome at staying within your calorie range! I am thinking of starting counting calories again. It may help me keep more junk out of my mouth….

    I had an awesome day though, spent most of it in the kitchen, getting ready for the week, as well as some housework. I was just in the mood for it today. So I am very satisfied with how my day went 🙂

    • Sounds like you had a good day! Yeah, i’m managing to do a decent job with the calories, just not the food choices i tend to make. That’s what I’m concerned about, making healthier choices.

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