I crock pot, do you?

I love my trusty old crock pot…and when I say “old” that’s exactly what I mean.  This thing is seriously old, but still works like a charm.

I’ve been looking at newer crock pots, but darn it, this one still works just fine.  No, it’s not digital or programmable, but it does what I need a crock pot to do…effortlessly cook for me.  So, I’m going to hold on to this one for at least a while longer.

Today I decided to prepare vegetable beef soup in my crock pot.  Talk about an easy meal (or week’s worth of meals in my case).  I diced up some new potatoes, tossed in about a fourth of an onion, diced.  Grabbed a bag of stewing beef from the freezer ( I buy this when it’s on sale, divide the package up into two or three smaller packages, and freeze), plopped the meat on top of the potatoes and onion.  Then the really easy part…I went to the pantry and picked out a few cans of veggies…I choose green beans, corn, and tomatoes.  Sometimes I’ll throw in peas and carrots, I just didn’t happen to have any carrots today.  It doesn’t really matter which veggies you use, this soup is going to be good.  I did add one can of low sodium (I forgot to mention that all of the veggies I buy are low-sodium) low-fat  beef broth and enough water to cover.  Turned the crock pot on high and let it do the rest of the work for me.

I dipped this bowl out because I was starving (fancy that, I’ve eaten very little today and actually was experiencing hunger…wow!).  Then I added a handful of whole wheat orzo (sometimes I use rice, pasta, whatever…sometimes just the veggies and meat) and put the lid back on to cook some more…how’s this for a great way for me to eat my veggies?  This is one of the things I love about fall…it’s soup time again!

12 Responses

  1. I can’t do without my crock pot and Fall will be here soon. I can almost smell the wafted aroma at various times– of homemade vegetable soup, beef and chicken stews when I enter the house in the evening!

    • The wonderful aroma does envelope you as soon as you walk in the door, doesn’t it? And a crock pot is just so darn convenient. I love mine. I’ve made applesauce in mine and that really makes the house smell amazing…way better than candles.

  2. Do you mind sharing the directions for making applesauce in a crock pot?

    • All I did was peel, core and cut up some apples, put them in the crock pot with a little water, some sugar ( I have a friend who uses Splenda in hers) and cinnamon. I stayed at home that day so I could kind of keep an eye on it…I think I may have cooked them on high for four or five hours…yum!! Can you tell I don’t always use recipes?

  3. I love vegetable soup–glad it’ll be in season here before long.

  4. I belong to that group of people who can estimate how much of THIS and how much of THAT is needed when I’m cooking or baking! There are of course exceptions.

    Your directions are clear to me!! ^◡^

    • I’m so glad! I follow a recipe for things like cake and cookies, but that’s about it. Let me know how your crock pot applesauce turns out.

      • Shall do. I think a nice homemade beef/vegetable soup and a side of applesauce sounds pretty good! It’s still pretty warm although they are forecasting a cold front next week. I think early October may work.
        Take care…

  5. I love my crock pot! I actually run my overnight just because it makes me nervous to leave it unattended while I’m not home, and who knows when I will get home from work some days. I should really throw something in there for tomorrow.

  6. I have an extra crock pot I bought two years ago without all the “software.” I love my crock pot. This morning I am making pea soup. My dogs love when I make pea soup with carrots! So do I! Long live the crock pot.

    • ooh…the pea soup sounds good. I have an old crock pot, that’s the one I use most of the time. I also have a little one, sometimes use it to take dip or things like that to events. And then there’s the big combination pressure cooker/crock pot that has all of the extras…funny, I don’t use that one as often as the old one I’ve used for years.

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