The long and winding road to fitness, day 84

Iced tea with lemon.

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This has been one of those days.  I had to close last night then turn around and open this morning…blah.  I didn’t get enough sleep, of course.  I didn’t make time for breakfast.  I ended up eating a granola bar sometime this morning along with a diet Pepsi.  My boss bought me a chicken sandwich and iced tea for lunch.  I finally got home around 6 pm, fed the cats, threw a load of laundry in, cleaned the cat litter, ran dish water and then realized I’m really hungry.  Nothing sounds good, maybe that’s because I’m just so darn tired.  So I’m going to have an egg, a biscuit, Morningstar Farms veggie sausage,  and a glass of milk. 

I didn’t eat a lot of veggies or fruit today…I guess the iceberg lettuce and one tomato slice on my sandwich count for something although not much.  But I’m actually under on calories for the day, so that’s at least something good.

I did walk and do upper body strength training and some stretching before work and ran around like crazy all day at work.  So much to do, so much to do…We’re going in at 5 am all this coming week to try to get everything done…no, not to try to get everything done…to get everything done…no try to it.  We will do it!

So how’s everybody else’s weekend going?  Anything fun happening?  Any football games?  Cookouts?  Shopping?

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  1. Hubby’s working, I skipped the church picnic, came home to catch up on email/blogs, maybe do some light housework, or spend some time in my studio…Not sure what. Today there’s a somberness in my soul.

    • I know what you’re saying, it was difficult to not think about the events of ten years ago throughout the day. I hope you were able to find some creative time today. I’m so far behind on my emails, blogs, writing, etc…at least I’ll have Tuesday off work, but just the one day…I’m going to try to force myself to stop at the grocery store after work tomorrow (going in at 5 am again), I’ve got my list in my purse and my coupons in my tote (or loaded onto my Kroger’s card), so I’m at least prepared to stop…we’ll see how tired I am.

  2. I got caught up reading the blogs that came in my email. I hope you’re able to get your grocery stop done on your way home. I don’t know how you feel like anything at the end of the day. Your exercise must be helping! I remember how I used to feel when I got home from work, don’t think I ever managed to get anything done in the evening.

    • I ended up working 12 hours so I didn’t go to the grocery store after work. All I wanted to do was go to go to bed..haven’t done that yet tho. I do have the day off tomorrow. Believe it or not, my boss told me he appreciated me working so much extra lately…funny how something that simple can make a person feel so much better, isn’t it?

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