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Is there such a thing any more?  Does anyone really pay attention to things like not wearing white after Labor Day?  It seems that we’re living in a society where anything goes at any time.

At one point in time, men never wore hats of any kind inside a building.  Now, other than baseball caps, you very rarely see men wearing hats at all.  But it’s common to see men of all ages wearing baseball caps inside buildings.

There was a time when women wore dressy gloves as part of their daily ensemble.  And they would never have left the house without being fully dressed in stylish dress, hose, shoes, and those dressy gloves.  Now it’s common to see shorts, sports bra and flip-flops on adult women in even some of the nicest establishments.  And don’t even get me started on the bra straps showing…or the pants hanging halfway down a young man’s behind…what’s with that?

Not wearing white after Labor Day?  Seems mild in comparison to some of the get ups we now see on a daily basis.  From my point of view, I don’t really care what people wear.  I’m not a huge fan of rules of comportment, dress codes, or snooty people looking down their noses at people who don’t meet their standards.  But come on, people…I really don’t need to see that thong when you bend over.

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  1. I miss some of the “old” conventions, like men taking their caps off when they come inside, or sit down at a table to eat. I generally don’t think white pants should be seen anywhere, any time, but hey, if someone is comfortable and confident with what they’re wearing, that’s all that matters!

    • I’m not a big fan of white pants either, but I never really understood that no white after Labor Day thing. I mean, who makes up these rules and what’s the purpose of something like that one?

  2. I’m with you on the whole get-ups people wear. Mostly, I’m laizzez-faire about it all, but of course I packed my white pumps away all ready. Doesn’t everyone? x-/

    • Uhh…well, if I owned a pair of white pumps I might have packed them away…I guess I can just save myself the trouble by not buying a pair to start with.

  3. I saw this and had to link you to my coauthor’s Tumblr thinking the image I wanted would still be on the front page, Silly me, I had to go searching for it. Here’s the image:
    Here’s my coauthor’s tumblr if you’re interested:

    I enjoyed your post very much and hope you enjoy the “Anatomy of an Urban Thug.”

    • Oh that is too funny…thanks for the link!! So that’s why they wear their pants that way, huh? See the things you can learn by writing and reading?!

      • Yup. I had no idea. Here I just thought they didn’t know where their waist was, turns out they do. Go figure. Glad you liked it 😀

  4. I’m glad dress is more relaxed, but you’re right, there are some things we really don’t need (or want) to see.

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