Writing daily in August


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I’ve set a goal for myself to write something every day.  It doesn’t have to be earth shattering.  It doesn’t have to be publishable.  However, it does have to happen every day, no excuses.  I’ve been using my blog here at WordPress, daily writing at 750words.com, and the writing I’m doing for my book. 

I’m pleased to report that I have now completed two entire months, July and August, of daily writing.  On 750words, they ask you to come up with some sort of reward for yourself for writing every day (they also ask that you come up with a “punishment” for not achieving that goal.)  For July, my reward was a new flavored coffee, which I bought for myself and thoroughly enjoyed.  My punishment would have been donating $5 to Sarah Palin’s election fund (like that would ever happen, you can bet I’d force myself to write, even on days that I didn’t feel like it, just to avoid that particular punishment).  For August, my reward was a new, just-for-fun shirt.  For quite some time now, I’ve only purchased work clothes, nothing cute and fun.  After completing my writing on the 31st, I went online and ordered an adorable blue flowered, long-sleeved t-shirt.  Oh yeah, my punishment, had I not written daily, would have been to “like” Michelle Bachman on facebook…hahahahahaha!!  Thank goodness I didn’t have to do that.

So, do you set up a reward and/or punishment system for yourself in regard to your goals?

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  1. Reward and punishment? Never tried it, but reading your post makes me consider it. I fear that my laziness will get the better of me and I will end up punishing myself to the extreme, but it does sound like a very good method, needs a hell of a lot of will power though…

    • Oh I don’t know, if the punishment is strong enough, you’re liable to write even when you don’t want to…just to avoid that particular punishment. Of course, you have to follow through either way…reward or punishment..

  2. Good for you! I noticed some of your posts, while all enjoyable, made me think “I wonder where that came from.” Now I know they came from a determination to get words on the page.
    And I love your punishments! They would also have kept me at the keyboard! I guess I should threaten myself with the same thing!
    Keep the words flowing!

    • Thank, Jan…sometimes don’t you just find yourself writing things that seem to come out of nowhere? I’ve come up with a lot of blog ideas by writing daily…you know just that stream of consciousness writing…of course there are other times when I wouldn’t want anyone to read what i’ve written…those don’t get posted…lol

  3. bwahahahahha loved your punishments! Horrid things they are! Simply dreadful!

  4. Way to go Patti!

    Punishments? That’s a little twisted, lol. If I didn’t meet the challenge I’d punish myself by watching some of the ‘out there’ reality tv shows. Probably the ones about storage units or the poor people who can’t get past their one-sided romances with objects, like brick walls.

    • That’s funny, Simone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of those reality shows where people have one-sided romances with objects…hmm…could be interesting as well as a little disturbing.

  5. Great job! I never thought about using rewards and punishment on myself. Yours were quite creative! Can’t wait to see that tee!

  6. Now I have to go to 750words.com and check out their sites. I love your punishments. Your rewards were pretty neat too. I think I would have done anything to have avoided those punishments. I do not agree with those women at all.

    • That’s exactly why I chose those punishments, Theresa…there’s was no way I was going to be doing those things!! And it worked…of course, I like to think I would have written every day anyhow…that’s just a little added incentive…

  7. You are doing a great job sticking to your goals this summer! Way to go on rewarding yourself! You deserve it!

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