The long and winding road to fitness, day 76

back pain bench

Image by Johnson Cameraface via Flickr

Oh my, what an exhausting, hot day this was.  Temps back up into the mid 90s, humidity levels sky-high again.  I think I got spoiled by those few days of really nice weather we had.  One good thing about the heat at this time of year, you know it won’t last much longer.

We had to unload a truck this morning, so glad it came on time.  It was hot enough when he got there.  I can only imagine how much hotter it would have been later in the day…ugh!  We were all a little (umm…make that a lot) sweaty by the time we finished.

Today I had good food packed for work.  I ended up not even eating all of it and eating a  vending machine bag of Cheetos for my afternoon snack.  Why, when I had popcorn packed from home?  I’ve got to figure this out and get it back under control before I end up regaining the weight I’ve lost.

Lots and lots of walking and lifting on the job today.  That was all the exercise I did today though.  I had terrible back pain all day.  Any time I would bend over, I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand up straight again.  I took a couple of Aleve.  Not sure if that did anything or not.  Tonight I’m hitting the sack (where did that saying come from? does anyone know?) early and hoping for a restful, uninterrupted eight hours of sleep.  Wouldn’t that be bliss?

How many hours of sleep do you need to feel your best the next day?  Do you usually get it?

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  1. I hope your back feels better after a good night’s sleep, Patti. I used to sleep 8-9 hours, but lately it’s more like 7. I need to try to get to bed earlier, have been staying up too late with hubby working late hours; however I love to write at that time of night. Have to figure something out that works.

    • I know if I didn’t have to be at work so early, it would be really easy for me to slip back into night owl mode…I’m not naturally a morning person, just been forced into it by circumstances!! My back does feel a bit better, but still kind of feeling the tightness this morning. So we’ll see how the day goes.

  2. Pretty sure people used to sleep on sacks and thus the saying was born…could be mistaken though.

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