The long and winding road to fitness, day 75

What a really nice day this turned out to be.  It was so pretty this morning.  Of course, it warmed right up quickly and got up in the 90s again. I am so ready for fall…please, please come soon.  I’m done with the heat and humidity.

I did finally make it to the grocery store.  I don’t usually buy lunch meat, but today I bought turkey breast to take to work on whole wheat sub rolls.  The one for tomorrow has some of my pickled peppers and a tomato on it.  Then I’ll have cole slaw on the side…using my all time favorite Hendrickson’s dressing…it kind of reminds me of this sweet and sour cole slaw my grandma made, but I’m sure mine is a lot easier.  Let’s see, I didn’t shred the cabbage and carrots (thank you, Dole) and I didn’t make up my own dressing…sorry, Grandma.

Then I read Nikianne’s blog about how she doesn’t like cottage cheese and that made me think about taking cottage cheese instead of yogurt for a few days.  So I bought some low-fat cottage cheese and a cantaloupe…I really like that combo!  Then I’m taking popcorn for my afternoon snack.  I’ve got everything prepared, ready to toss in my lunch bag in the morning.

I walked for 30 minutes this morning and danced this afternoon (already getting excited about Dancing With The Stars, I should just watch that all the time if it’s going to get me back to dancing).  I didn’t lift weights at all today.  But an hour of cardio is pretty decent.  Then tomorrow is truck day at work, so a day full of exercise for me.

Today I was feeling kind of, oh I don’t know, not good enough, I guess.  I know I shouldn’t ever compare myself with anyone else.  Seriously, what good does that do?  But I caught myself doing just that while I was at the grocery store.  I saw a woman in her twenties, young, fit, cute and I imagined she was looking at me in disgust.  I’m sure it was just my imagination.  I doubt that she paid any attention to me at all.  Why do we think people are thinking negative things about us?  Hmm…because we’re thinking negative things about ourselves?  Hey, at least I did catch myself and talk myself out of feeling that way.  In the past, I would have allowed that to ruin my day.   I’m doing a pretty good job of realizing what I’m saying to myself and making myself stop it.  Now my goal is to just stop the negative talking and thinking  altogether.  That’s a tough one, but I know it’s doable.

Do you have trouble with negative thoughts?  How do you combat it?

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  1. Negative thoughts try to sneak in from time to time, but I give them the boot! My sister-in-law gave me a muffin cookbook for my b-day. There’s a recipe for cottage cheese muffins. I thought they sounded good. I’ll have to try the slaw with the Hendrickson’s dressing. I’ve had cole slaw with that type of dressing somewhere, but I don’t remember where. Hmmm I got in 30 mins of cardio this a.m., got trigger pt injections in the afternoon, had lunch w/hubby. It’s been a great day. 🙂

    • The cottage cheese muffins sound good. I had a recipe years ago for cottage cheese muffins. I seem to remember everyone liking them. Other than those injections, sounds like a good day for you yesterday! I hope today is even better.

  2. Cottage cheese! I love it. My grandmother always sprinkled sugar on top of it for us. I don’t eat it that way now, but I’m pretty sure that’s how she got me to like it.

    • I never heard of sprinkling sugar on top of cottage cheese. You must have had a much more grandmotherly grandmother than i did…lol…her attitude was we either ate it or we didn’t. If we didn’t, there wouldn’t be anything else to eat later…

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