The long and winding road to fitness, day 74

Dancing with the Stars (video game)

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Wild and crazy day today.  Absolutely gorgeous weather this morning…all day, really…the sunrise was breath taking..I wish I’d taken the time to take a picture, but I didn’t.  I was kind of running behind on my way to work…same old song and dance, I’m afraid.  Stay up too late, sleep a little later, then rush around getting ready.  At least I have tomorrow off, although I’ve been considering going in for a few hours just to get some work done.  We’ll see…

I didn’t eat enough veggies today, but I did manage to get in three fruits…only three veggies for the day, should have at least two additional servings.  I finished the day with 1575 calories, so I’m not complaining.

I walked for 40 minutes and did a few core exercises.   Not quite as much exercise as I’d like, but it’s certainly better than nothing.  I feel some dancing on the agenda for tomorrow.  That reminds me, I just saw the announcement for the cast of Dancing With The Stars.  I’m not sure about this season.  Of course, I say that just about every season and then end up really liking a couple of the stars.  I’ve watched this show since the beginning, always dreaming that I was up there on the stage dancing with one of those gorgeous dancers…whew!!  I’ve really got to get back to my dancing…dancing and running have been the best exercises for me as far as weight loss goes.

So, what exercise helps you the most with weight loss/maintenance?  Do you do it because you enjoy it or because it helps you control your weight and feel better?  For me, dancing is something that I love, it always puts a smile on my face.  Running makes me feel good (well, back when I was running) I think, in part, because I’ve set a goal and worked toward it.  Why in the world do we stop doing the things that make us feel good?

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  1. The weather has been quite lovely! Calories were 1356 today, and I worked in the yard for a couple hours. I’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars, except maybe a brief glimpse as hubby surfed by the channel. What kind of dancing do you do?

    • It was another really pretty morning today. Nice cool temps, but that’s over for a few days now. Back in to the 90s for us, I’m afraid. Do you have your yard and everything cleaned up after Irene? Dancing? Well, mainly I just do dancing in my kitchen…lol…took some country line dancing lessons a few years back and had a blast! Did a little ballet…good exercise, but not really my thing as far as dancing goes. I guess I like to just move and groove to some of my favorite songs. I really want to take some Latin dance lessons…hot!!

      • The yard is pretty much back to normal, now we shall watch and wait to see where Katia is headed this weekend. Hopefully she’ll visit someone else. There are still people without power here.
        I always thought country line dancing looked like fun. I didn’t think of that, salsa and rumba (sp) came to mind because I’ve heard them mentioned more lately. As long as we keep moving, right? 🙂

      • Oh yeah, there’s a big dance hall in a nearby town, I kid you not, that place has absolutely the best dance floor I’ve ever been on. Heck, anything to good music makes me happy…

        Yes, I’ve heard that there are still a lot of people without power…I hope Katia stays away…and that everything gets back to normal for everyone soon.

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