Quinoa corn cakes

I had completely forgotten how truly tasty this meal is until I was browsing recipes at SparkRecipes.com.  When I came across this one I knew this was what I was going to prepare for my lunch for work for the first part of the work week.  Because this recipe is so basic I already had everything I needed on hand.

Quinoa, whole wheat flour, an egg, skim milk, onion, frozen corn, salt, pepper, and water…how much more basic can you get?  Here’s the link to the recipe…


Okay, this doesn’t look like much before you cook it…

But look at this with a little fresh salsa on the side…yum!  Tasty, filling and about 200 calories for lunch…can’t beat that!

8 Responses

  1. I’m guessing you have some fun lunches! Great way to beat the doldrums at work!

    • Fun? I don’t know about that. I usually wolf them down in front of the computer trying to accomplish more than is humanly possible. But at least this one will be good for me.

  2. I’ll have to try this!

  3. Check out this recipe for a Breakfast Quinoa with Berries. It is one of my very favorite recipes. Quick, easy, and tasty! http://www.eatingbirdfood.com/2011/01/breakfast-brigade/

  4. […] over at Run4Joy59′s Blog had a tasty looking recipe for Quinoa corn cakes on Sunday (that sadly I only got around to reading about last night). I’m excited to try it […]

    • Thanks for mentioning me and my blog!! Have you ever used quinoa flour? I have a friend who uses it, but she uses it mainly because she is allergic to wheat. Do you realize how many products that wheat is in? Seems like just about everything!

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