The long and winding road to fitness, day 71

Basil Pasta Salad Ingredients

Image by lynn.gardner via Flickr

A much, much better day today.  Ate healthy food, fruits and veggies, whole grains…stayed right at 1600 calories for the day.  So I feel better today, feel like I managed to get right back with it rather than allowing myself to stumble over the cliff of overeating.  I had a Morningstar Farms veggie BBQ rib thing for lunch along with whole wheat pasta salad and veggies…very tasty and filling.

I rode the exercise bike today and did core exercises.  I kind of took it a little easier today, trying to rest up a little from this crazy work week.  But I’m ready to hit the exercise hard tomorrow.  A walk first thing in the morning is in order.  I think I’ll end up on the exercise bike again at some point tomorrow.

I planned to go to Kroger this morning, but changed my mind when I realized I didn’t really need anything and that I was daydreaming about ice cream and pizza…I knew I didn’t need either of those things and was kind of concerned that I’d end up buying one or the other (or both) and eating too much of something that isn’t really all that good for me.  So I just didn’t go and saved myself a lot of calories and money!

On the agenda for tomorrow…cooking.  I need to cook some food to take to work and possibly a batch of fruit muffins to put in the freezer.  I’m going to be better prepared this week.  I’m going to take my lunch instead of eating fast food or vending machine junk.  It’s all in the planning and preparation…

6 Responses

  1. I admire your devotion to good healtgh and clean living. Good for you!

    • Thanks…if only I could actually stick to the healthy eating every day like I do to my writing…I’m working on it, but it’s not easy!! But who the heck told us life would be easy?

  2. Did you get your muffins made? What kind? Good job on the pizza/ice cream question. I should do well to remember that tactic.

  3. Those “Morningstar Farms veggie BBQ rib thing” as you call it are excellent! I think they put something addictive in the BBQ sauce. It always makes my kitchen smell yummy! Another fake meat type item you might want to check out at the “Smart Dogs” tofu hot dogs. They are really tasty and low in calories.

    • You may be right about the BBQ sauce on those Morningstar Farms veggie ribs..they are soooo good. Hmm…do those Smart Dogs actually taste like hot dogs? I only ask because I detest hot dogs…lol

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