The long and winding road to fitness, day 66

Arby's Melt on onion bun add red ranch & 1 oz ...

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Oh my goodness, I am so tired tonight after working  almost twelve hours today.  It was a very productive day, but a very long one as well.

I was in kind of a rush this morning.  I stayed up way too late watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, of all things.  I just couldn’t stop watching…not sure what it is, but there’s something there that keeps me watching.  But that kept me up way too late.  I ended up setting the alarm for 5 am which didn’t give me enough time to prepare either a lunch or a breakfast.  Yikes, that’s not a good beginning to my day.  My breakfast consisted of trail mix.  Better than donuts, right?   One of the girls went out for lunch and I foolishly had her pick me up a sandwich from Arby’s, just like the one pictured here…at least I didn’t get sick this time!!  I ended up with almost 1900 calories for the day…not so good, but not terrible either.

I walked for an hour today, that’s it on the exercise for the day.  We did have a huge truck come in this morning though, so I got in a lot of walking and lifting at work.  Tomorrow is the day I’m going to do two cardio workouts and a strength training one.  I think what I’m going to start doing is double cardio workouts on my days off of work…then add another day or two as I move forward.  For some reason, the exercise is easier for me to do than eating a healthy diet.  I need to figure out how to consistently do both at least 80% of the time…you know, that old 80/20 rule…eat healthy 80%  of the time and you can afford some not so healthy options the other 20% of the time.

Do you believe that’s true or are you one of those people who has to be perfect?  How does perfection affect you when you don’t attain it?

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  1. I watched that show last night too. Like you, I’m not sure why I do. But every week I’m sitting there in total shock over the money they’re spending.

    I’m still trying to get over the one saying she had to have a new house built and she’d never consider living in a used house. She seriously said it the same way I’d say I had to have new underwear because I’d never consider wearing used underwear!

    • oh I know, I’m always wondering who dresses like that at home (well, for me, I never dress like those girls do), how can you possibly be comfortable? Yes, the money they spend is crazy…do they really have that kind of money or are they living well beyond their means? I’d rather know that I can pay my bills than have some fancy new purse.

  2. Thank you again for your blog. It motivates me! Tonight I just couldn’t go running with the group, but have the intention of going before work. Tomorrow night I have a work out on the water, but will still try to get in the half hour run in the morning. We all struggle internally with our “what we know is right”, and “what feels good”. Thank you for sharing and motivating other people. I hope you enjoyed your Arby’s! Tomorrow is a new day, and another opportunity. You go girl!

    • I am feeling totally unmotivated today…woke up around 5:30 this morning, fed the cats, gathered the trash and went out for a walk…very nice weather. Then came back home and climbed back into bed…still haven’t done anything other than the walk…thinking about hopping on the exercise bike here in a few.

  3. That sandwich looks good! I hope it was. I don’t like it when I opt for something not ordinarily in my diet and then be disappointed with it. However, that makes it easier to decline it next time. I gave up on being perfect, and settle for doing the best I can do. Perfectionism is a type of bondage we put ourselves into.

    • The sandwich really wasn’t that good…I can’t see myself ordering it again…and maybe that’s a good thing. You’re right about perfectionism…there have been times in my life where I figured if I couldn’t do it perfectly why should I even try…you miss out on a lot that way.

  4. Well, I am not an Arby’s fan, so that sandwich does not appeal to me, but show me a Big Mac and all of my self-control is shot! Haha.

    I’m not a person who can do the 80/20 rule, although I think it is more viable and easy to maintain for a lifestyle rather than a diet. When I feel as though I’ve put on a couple of pounds, I tend to go cold-turkey…literally. I eat cold turkey. Haha. I eat nothing but protein, vegetables and fruit for about 6 weeks. I eat as much as I want, so I don’t feel like I’m depriving my body, and I do well as long as I don’t even LOOK at junk food…haha. I’m a person who has to be perfect during that time or just one taste of the sweet or salty stuff will have me heading for the drive-thru.

    Once the 6 weeks are over, I feel as though I’ve detoxed my body, and I have a ton of energy and actually don’t crave the junk food like I used to…but the trick is to get through the first week without caving. That’s always hard!

    Congratulations to you for striving to live a healthier lifestyle, and don’t feel too badly about the Arby’s sandwich…it’s okay to slip up once in a while! Besides, you’re getting your body moving, and that’s what matters! 🙂 Well done!

    • Well, that Arby’s sandwich wasn’t anything spectacular, for sure. There have been times I’ve dieted so strictly, stuck to it completely for months at a time…lost a lot of weight…then took one bite of a candy bar and threw all my hard work out the window…my goal, for myself, is to get to a place where I can accept the occasional slip-up and get right back with my healthy program. Exercise is much easier for me to be consistent about than eating healthy all the time…

  5. Stop with the pics of food, you’re making me hungry! haha

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