The long and winding road to fitness, day 63

Day 85: Diet Pepsi

Image by Visions By Vicky via Flickr

Oh, I was in a much better mood today…I got in an adequate amount of sleep last night…and I didn’t let myself get overly hungry either…plus I only had to work part of the day since I went in and worked on my Sunday off.  Combine all of those elements and you’ve got a happy girl on your hands!!

When I left work today, I stopped at Kroger for a few groceries.  You will not believe this (I can hardly believe it myself), but I bought diet Pepsi today.  What?  I’d gone how long without it only to cave and buy it today? But I did, and you know what?  It still tastes just as good as it ever did.  Do they put something in those things that make them addictive?  Don’t say it’s the caffeine…there’s plenty of caffeine in coffee and tea, but coffee and tea don’t call out to me like a diet Pepsi does.  One of these days…I swear, one of these days I will succeed in giving it up for good.  Someday but not today.

I rode the exercise bike this evening…the nice thing about an exercise bike is I can read from my stack of magazines while I get in a cardio workout.  I’ve got to do something to reduce that pile of magazines, guess I better put in a lot of miles on that bike, huh? 

My eating was so so today…I know I didn’t have enough veggies once again.  But I made up my cucumber, tomato and onion salad to take to work tomorrow…so I’ll be sure to get in a couple more servings tomorrow.  I bought an Asian pear at the grocery store today.  I don’t think I’ve ever had one of these, not being the biggest of pear fans.  But they looked interesting, so I said, “why not?”.  I’ll let you know if that goes on my like list of freggies.

It looks kind of like an apple, doesn’t it?

I also bought a box of the Fiber One brownies…this time I thought I’d try the peanut butter ones.

If these can keep me from buying  something sweet from the vending machine at work, it’ll save me about 250 calories a day…I can go for that!

Now I’m ready to make some salsa…I’ve got a few tomatoes that will be ripe in another day or two…then watch out!  Salsa!!  Was it on the Seinfeld show where they kept saying “salsa” over and over again?  I can’t help myself…there are just some words that I enjoy saying repeatedly, and salsa is one of them…along with origami…okay, now you’re getting a clue into how crazy I really am…not serial killer crazy, just crazy in a weird way…

Do you have any quirky little mannerisms you’d like to share with the rest of us?  Come on, don’t leave me hanging here by myself.

6 Responses

  1. If you like Diet Pepsi so much, can you keep it in moderation? It’s counter-productive to deny yourself something you really enjoy.
    I like the exercise bike for reading purposes, too. I don’t know that I’ve had an Asian pear. You’ll have to report on that. Quirky mannerisms? Not me! lol

    • As far as the diet Pepsi goes, I do only drink one a day…way down from the amount I drank years ago…back then, I never, and I mean never, drank water. Now I drink a lot of water. The thing with the diet Pepsi is the artificial sweetener..not good for you…but you might be right…I could actually being doing myself a disservice by denying myself something that I really, really want (and that has no calories). I guess I’ll have to give this whole thing a little more thought.

  2. Your posts always make me want to eat. I wish I had an Asian pear. If I did I would have a candied pear. Instead I’ll continue drinking my leaded Pepsi by the liter. Aargh.

    Yeah I have all kinds of weirdness going on from the kids. From the youngest I get the world’s gravest insult for that age group, “you stinky diaper head.” And from the oldest I get the “in” way to express coolness, “bro’ that was so-o-o EPIC.” My friends can hardly tolerate me anymore. I guess they think I’m some kind of dork.

    • I’ve never had a candied pear…kind of like candied apples? I like the “you stinky diaper head”…I may use that myself the next time I get mad at someone!! Dorkiness is highly under rated…didn’t you know, dorky is the new cool?

  3. OMG!! The Seinfeld Salsa episode!! I use to have a friend who would go around saying Souza, Salsa, Seltzer all the time cause he thought my last name fit in to that conversation! Don’t worry about giving in to the diet pepsi craving. I think it is important to give in every now and then so don’t blow it all on something worse with a ton more calories!

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