The long and winding road to fitness,day 61

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I had a good day today, a really good day.  The goodness began simply because I had the day off work, didn’t have to climb out of bed at a quarter to four in the morning.  I did wake up at about 4:30, but I didn’t get up.  I read for a little while, then turned the light off and went back to sleep until almost seven…seven, I couldn’t believe it!!It was nice to start the day without that shrill alarm scaring me out of a deep sleep, just woke up peacefully…ahh…

I did my online work with fitness and nutrition…the program that my insurance company provides…have a plan set now for the next eight weeks.  I feel good about that, like I now have  goals in place with some guidance to help me reach them.  As a result, I got in a couple of good workouts today…rode the exercise bike, did intervals on the treadmill, and did upper body strength training.  I was pushing myself on the treadmill and it felt great!  One thing I’ve noticed about myself…I’ll work harder on the treadmill than I will outside…I don’t know why.  Maybe because I’m always looking at things outside, thinking how this would make a good picture or how that would be good material for my blog…or maybe just because I feel uncomfortable (since I’ve gained so much weight) doing a hard workout where people can see me…kind of silly, huh? But I don’t think that’s an uncommon feeling for a lot of us.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard enough rude, mean comments to last me a lifetime…I know those comments say more about the idiots who make them than they do about me, but they still have the power to hurt.  I need to get over that, I know…

My food intake was good today…well, pretty good…I could have eaten a couple more servings of veggies, but did okay with everything else.  Ended up eating just under 1700 calories for the day.   I’ve already packed my lunch and snacks for tomorrow…and there will be plenty of veggies in tomorrow’s menu.  That’s one of the things that I need to focus on with my diet…and I’m going to.  It seems like I’m able to eat more veggies once the weather gets cooler…I love to make soups and stews and have a bowl of that with a side salad…I know most people say they have an easier time eating enough veggies during the summer…I’m just weird…and there’s no need to agree with me on that in the comments…lol

I’m feeling focused and motivated…it’s been a while since I’ve had these feelings so I’m glad to have them back…sure makes sticking with the routine easier.  Of course, the real key is to stick to the routine when you’re not feeling motivated, right?  Anybody have any tips for doing that?

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  1. You know what gave you the motivation, so keep that in mind when you find it lagging and revisit your goals. Variety is key to make the best use of all muscles, rather than using the same ones over and over which can lead to injury and boredom. Also, once you reach a level of fitness, fewer calories are burned if you don’t change it up some.

    • You’re absolutely right!! I also know there are times you just have to keep pushing forward, even if your motivation has disappeared…disipline, developing good habits, and plain old stubbornness are at least as important as motivation…

  2. Hi there,
    I have been struggling with motivation for two month and realised that work related problems really pulled me down. Actually on Monday I decided not to be negative anymore. It’s funny, I kept telling myself and it took only two days to actually transform into reality, well okay, the fact that the problem has “moved on” might also be a factor but I believe thinking positively really did it for me.
    Keep it up. 😉

    • That’s great..and it’s really great that the problem has moved on!!! I know you’re right, I’ve actually been able to talk myself out of a bad mood just be focusing on positive things…things I’m thankful for, my friends and family, music…and exercise always helps me…combine music and exercise and my spirits always lift!!

  3. I find it easier to be motivated and focused in the fall. I guess it’s the ‘back to school’ mentality?

    • That could be it…I tend to want to cook more in the fall too…lots of soup and homemade bread…

      • I have been wanting to make bread lately! It’s such a weakness for me. Maybe I’ll make some and take it into work, so I can enjoy fresh bread but share the calories 🙂

      • I find the whole bread making experience to be quite relaxing…kind of zen in the kitchen, I guess…taking it to work is a great idea…and I’m sure your co-workers would appreciate it!

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