Sleeping with the windows open

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Don’t you just love it!!  The nights have been cool enough to sleep with the windows open…I live in a townhouse,so the bedrooms are upstairs…not so  sure I’d leave the windows open at night if my bedrooms were at ground level…kind of sad, isn’t it?  I remember, when I was a kid, back in the day, we never even locked the doors.  Now I keep the doors locked all the time.

There was a gentle breeze last night.  It felt so nice to be there in bed, with a breeze blowing over me…I did wake up with the comforter pulled up to my chin though, so I must have gotten cold overnight.  But I sure prefer that to waking up in a sweat…

Wherever you are, I hope you’re able to sleep with the windows open tonight!!

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  1. i share your love for open windows at night, however, it’s still muggy and hot where I am at. That’s why I look forward to Fall and Spring. It’s that fresh air circulating in the room that lends to a good night’s sleep!

    • Yeah, I don’t know what happened here that the nights all of a sudden cooled off…I’m not complaining about it tho…fall will be here before you know it…

  2. Sounds so lovely to have the window open at night. We have huge windows in our apartment, but they do not open. Alas. Blessings to you, Patti…

  3. We rarely sleep with the windows open. Some seasons there are allergy issues, presently there’s smoke from a wildfire; and there’s a fire/rescue dept. right down the street. Sirens in the middle of the night aren’t conducive to good sleep. I’m glad you can, though; and I do remember days of open windows and unlocked doors. At night, the old, banging-type screen door would be fastened with a hasp–a lot of good that would have done if someone wanted in. However, if my dad was working midnight shift, those doors were all locked up tight!

    • We had the same kind of lock on our screen door…you’re right, anyone could have managed to get in…yeah, I wouldn’t like the sirens at night…not a good thing…I can’t stand smelling smoke…I don’t even like to smell smoke from burning leaves (thank goodness for me that it’s illegal to burn leaves in the town I live in…don’t need any wildfires starting around here).

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