Stage collapses at Indiana State Fair

Wow…I just read this online this morning…a storm blew through Indianapolis (I heard it come through here too) last night right before Sugarland was to take the stage at the state fair.  Apparently a gust of wind caused the rigging for the stage lighting to collapse, trapping hundreds of people.  Thank goodness for the fans and emergency personnel who rushed in to help rescue those trapped by the debris.  Even so, as of this morning, four people are confirmed dead and at least 40 were injured.  So sad.  Watch the video on the link below…I think you’ll agree, it would have been a terrifying experience.


6 Responses

  1. We were at the fair yesterday. Big crowd. Nice weather. I hadn’t been there for many years and I commented on how big that stage was. We left a couple of hours before that happened. Prayers for all who were there.

    • I didn’t know you guys were going to the fair yesterday…yeah, the grandstand is big..I’ve been to a lot of concerts there over the years, just not that close to the stage…those people definitely need our prayers.

  2. I saw that on the late news last night. Sorry to hear that a day of fun failed to produce a happy ending. Life can change so quickly.

    • You know, you’re absolutely right…your entire life can change in an instant…I guess that’s why we really need to savor each moment. I hope you had a great weekend, Patti.

  3. I heard about it last night on Twitter and checked in on line. Very sad! and scary…… Our weather has been so unpredictable lately, I’ve heard of those bouncy houses blowing away at birthday parties and injuring several children….. Light a candle and say a prayer…. My mother in law always used to say ‘There by the grace of God – go I’…

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