The long and winding road to fitness, day 55

I did a little cooking today…had some adventures with zucchini…found a way to make fried zucchini (and probably other veggies would work as well, mushrooms, eggplant, green tomatoes)in the oven with no oil…yea me!!

I walked for about half an hour this morning…unfortunately that’s all the exercise I managed to get in.  I’m a little disappointed with the amount of exercise I’ve put in while I’ve been on vacation. I really meant to do a lot more than I’ve done.   It’s  been nice walking at sunrise every day, the sky has been gorgeous.

Today I didn’t  get much done around the house.  There are so many things I want to do, but I couldn’t seem to get motivated to do any of them.  I’m not even really sure where the day went…oh well, is that so terrible when you’re on vacation?  I fooled around on the computer (how do you like my new background color?  the very pale grey/green rather than the bright green?  I’m playing around with the look of my blog…let me know what you think, what suggestions you have for me…).  I read for a while…and snuggled with Spooky while I was reading…she loves that.

My eating today was decent…had that oven fried zucchini for lunch along with a slice of zucchini bread.  Dinner was a couple of pieces of focaccia and a glass of milk.  I also had oj and half a banana today, peanut butter on frozen waffles with skim milk for breakfast.  As far as calories are concerned, I did fine.  But I know I could have eaten more fruit and veggies.  Tomorrow is grocery shopping day (very early in the morning) so I’ll come back with some fresh produce…that should help me take in a few more servings each day.

I may not come home with all of that, but I want to have a little variety for when I go back to work.  How does vegetarian taco salad sound?


5 Responses

  1. After reading about your fried zucchini I remembered I love zucchini. It’s squash I hate. I know what you’re going through. I got about 200 lbs of free potatoes yesterday. I gave away about half, but I still have taters coming on my ears! And at this point I think I’ve made everything potato a person can make. Trade you some potatoes for some zucchini, lol.

  2. Vegetarian taco salad sounds good!
    I had a pretty good day calorie-wise. I only got in 25 mins. of exercise on the bike today. Had hoped to do more when I got back home this afternoon, but I was later than I thought I’d be and decided I’d do some tomorrow. I need another 50 mins. of cardio this week. Bleh. Maybe I’ll feel better about it tomorrow. 🙂
    I vote that it’s ok to actually enjoy a vacation day; and snuggling with Spooky is an added bonus.

  3. Ok I would like your fried (not fried) zucchini recipe. Will it work with other veggies and have you try it yet.

    • okay Lin…I’ll email you the recipe, altho I didn’t really use a recipe other than what was on the box of Panko…I haven’t tried it with other veggies yet, but I imagine it would work with whatever you have on hand.

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