The long and winding road to fitness, day 54

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It was so nice to be able to sleep with the windows open last night.  I was actually cold, in August, in Indiana!  I wore long sleeves when I went out for my walk this morning, probably could have done without that, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  It just looks like fall out there…the air is cleaner and crisper, the sky is bluer, and the leaves are turning (probably has more to do with lack of rain).  Have I mentioned how much I love fall?  Well, I do…it’s my favorite time of the year.

The only exercise I got today was walking this morning for about half an hour…boo for me.  I did eat fairly well, but still didn’t eat as many fruits and veggies as I should have.  I had a veggie pasta dish for lunch…not bad.  Not my favorite meal of all time, but I like it every once in a while.  And no, I still didn’t do anything with that zucchini…maybe tomorrow…tomorrow’s another day, just call me Scarlett.

I did manage to get a little more house work done today.  I cleaned the carpet in another room (my carpet cleaner worked fine today…maybe I really did fix it…yeah, right…if I did, it was totally accidental), washed the kitchen windows, and worked on cleaning out my spare bedroom.  I’ve got so many things to donate.  I think that’s going to the top of tomorrow’s to-do list.  I’m being brutal, getting rid of things that I haven’t used in a while (well, not the yarn, fabric, cross stitch supplies, or gardening supplies).  So far I’ve got a couple of boxes to donate to the bingo ladies here at the complex where I live.  I’ll probably end up with several boxes to take to Goodwill.  You know, I’m really being careful with my purchases…not buying things on impulse or just because they’re on sale, but I still have so much stuff.  I go through my stuff about once a year and get rid of a lot, so how do I end up with even more stuff?  It’s crazy.  Not to mention, a waste of money and time.  I’m just going to be even more cautious when it comes to buying things…do I need it or do I just want it?  Is it something that I will actually use or will it just sit around gathering dust until I give it away?  Am I buying it because I went in with the intent to buy it or am I wanting to buy it just because I saw it at a good price (and really, how good a price is it if you’re not really going to use it?)  Less stuff=more money saved, is that true or what?

Are you guilty of making impulse purchases?  What do you do with them when you realize you’re not really going to use them?

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  1. Ah….Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. In re: to impulse shopping…yes I’m guilty. If I don’t use the product; I just make a promise not to engage in impulse shopping again. I must say that
    as I get older these purchases are fewer in number!

    BTW: I continue to read your posts and enjoy the topics although I don’t comment as much as I did in the beginning. They’ve become my daily “food for thought passages”. ^◡^

    • Aww…thanks so much…I appreciate you letting me know that you’re reading my posts and that they are giving you daily food for thought…as far as the impulse shopping goes, I’m so much more in control now than I have been in the past, maybe it does have something to do with getting older…and wiser…

  2. If you don’t get that zucchini tomorrow, I’m stopping by! lol
    Cleaning out sounds like a good idea. Hmm, where to start…?
    It seemed cooler here today, at least there was a breeze–for a change.
    I don’t shop/buy like I used to, either. Most of the things I bought had to be dusted, and I’m over that!
    To answer your last question, I keep telling myself I’m going to use it! (scrapbook paper comes to mind)

    • Well, if you were closer,I’d just give you the zucchini…but since you’re not, I guess I’ll have to do something with it. Of course, there might be a blog there…what to do with excess zucchini…I had a little zucchini cookbook at one point in time, haven’t seen it in years…it had so many surprising recipes…zucchini cream pie comes to mind…

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