The long and winding road to fitness, day 50

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Yes, you’re right.  I kind of skipped day 49.  I was just way too tired last night to write a blog post.  I knew I needed to get to bed as early as I could (and that wasn’t early enough) because I had to get up at 3:15 am to go in for our first day of inventory.   Now that day is over, thank goodness.  Just one more day of inventory to get through and then I’m on vacation for the rest of the week..yes!!

Well, my early morning kind of threw me off my routine.  I forgot to weigh in this morning (heck, it was all I could do just to get ready and get out the door in time to make it to work by 4:30), didn’t pack a lunch, didn’t work out before (or after) work, and didn’t get anywhere near enough sleep (can you say, “three hours”?  that’s how much sleep I had).  As far as total calories are concerned, I did okay.  But my food choices were pretty awful.  The only fruit/veggies I had all day were watermelon and oj.  We brought in donuts for everyone and I ended up eating two of them over the course of the day…boo!!  The funny thing is, donuts aren’t even really something I’m crazy about.  Oh well…

I did take a little nap when I got home.  And I’ve already packed my snacks and lunch for tomorrow.  So tomorrow should be a much better day.  I’m sure I won’t be doing any exercise simply because I’m going in early again.  After tomorrow we’ll be finished with inventory for another year, so there is something positive about the situation.

One good thing I managed to accomplish over the past week was only drinking one diet soda for the entire week.  Of course, my goal was to drink none, but to go from drinking at least one a day to only one for the entire week is a pretty good step in the right direction.  I’m  taking an iced coffee with me in the morning.  I’m thinking I’ll be needing that jolt of caffeine to make it through the day.  Ahh…but then there’s that little vacation to look forward to at the end of the day…


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  1. I seriously don’t know how you can work like that on 3 hrs. sleep. I’d be a zombie! I think you’re doing great, and am glad you have vacation to recover from such long days. I’m pulling for you!

  2. When I worked retail, to me inventory was one of the most stressful times. Hard to be organized when so much is involved. Thankfully it’s only once a year. And I wasn’t even a manager. Keep on keepin’ on.

    • Thanks, Margaret…it’s much better now than it was even two years ago…the crew they’ve brought in during the past two inventories has been great…of course, they still miss things, but who wouldn’t when you’re counting that much inventory and so many small items. And now it’s over for another year…yea!!

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