The long and winding road to fitness, day 48

Cover of the 1982 album Vacation.

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Oops…didn’t quite get to this last night…working like crazy right now trying to get ready for inventory and then my vacation starts as soon as inventory is over…don’t want work piled up BEFORE  I go on vacation, there’ll be enough of that waiting for me when I get back.  But a vacation makes everything better (at least for a few days).

Yesterday was a so-so day…in a rush so didn’t take a great lunch to work with me…had a cheese sandwich on organic whole wheat bread…it really tasted good, could have used some veggies thrown on it but just didn’t have the time.  I did remember to take a box of fruit and grain bars to keep in my desk to help me avoid the vending machine…so that’s a plus.

I walked for 50 minutes, but that was all of the exercise I managed to squeeze in.  Of course, a lot of walking at work…that’ll be the case for the next three days, I’m afraid.  During my vacation, I’m planning to do two cardio workouts a day, morning and afternoon…wow, would that be what retirement would be like for me?  Right now, retirement seems like a faraway dream…

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend…


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