Terror in Bloomington

The Kennedy Space Center SWAT team

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I was checking Facebook on my lunch period Monday when I came across a post from one of my local buddies.  We actually live fairly close together on the same side of town.  She posted that a gunman had a hostage at Rockport and Rogers, an intersection I go through almost every day.  A little later she posted that a sniper from the swat team had killed the gunman.  When I got home and checked my messages, I had a message from the police department warning all local residents to remain inside with the doors and windows locked.  The next message was from the office of the complex where I live, advising all residents to do the same thing.  Of course, I got home long after the incident had been resolved, but it made me feel a little better to realize that, had I been home without the tv or internet on, I still would have gotten the message.

There was an article in today’s newspaper concerning the incident.  Apparently this was a married couple who had been in an argument.  He pulled a gun on her, wrapped one arm around her neck, and held the gun to her head with his other hand.  Then he began walking her down the busy street.  Someone called 911.   When the first officers arrived at the scene, the gunman aimed the gun at his wife, then toward the police officers, then toward himself.  According to the newspaper report, the altercation lasted about an hour, with a sniper ending it with that fatal shot to the gunman.  Fortunately, the hostage wasn’t hurt.  I also think the actions by the police department, warning local residents of the danger, blocking the road to traffic at two major intersections, and calling ahead to the neighborhood convenience store advising them to lock their doors (the gunman tried to drag the woman into this store, that could have been a prolonged standoff had he managed to get inside a building) kept the other members of the community safe.  You usually only hear about the negative things that police officers do.  In this case, I think they should be commended for their  quick response.

I always wonder what leads someone to do something like this.  Were drugs or alcohol involved?  I don’t know.  That information hasn’t been released yet.  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t excuse threatening the lives of innocent people.  I hate that a man lost his life, but it could have been many more people being injured or killed.  Thankfully that didn’t happen. 


4 Responses

  1. “Fortunately the hostage wasn’t hurt.” Not in one way, but she has probably been hurt a lot, and this is not something she will soon forget. My heart goes out to her; and yes, praise for the police officers who put their lives on the line for us every single day. I’m glad you didn’t happen to be home at the time, these things are much better learned about after the fact, imo.

    • Well, yes, you’re right, of course…I can’t imagine someone holding a gun to my head, much less having a sniper shoot that person while I was standing next to him…

  2. wow…. sorry he’s gone, but I’m glad the hostage survived… Been there in a bit of a different way and not quite the same ending. Domestic violence is a very unpredictable thing.

    • Domestic violence is frightening…this is supposed to be someone who loves you…lots of psychological issues involved, my advice is always “get out”, not likely to get better once it’s progressed…

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