The long and winding road to fitness, day 37

Freezing hot (62/365)

Image by LifeSupercharger via Flickr

Well….not such a great day of eating today.  I was so tired after working open to close yesterday, that I couldn’t drag myself out of bed in time to make anything to take to work today.  I ended up eating from the stupid, evil vending machine.  I had a bag of Cheez-Its for what I guess you’d say was my lunch today.  Unfortunately, breakfast was no better.  I ate a SuziQ…you know, those chocolate cakey things with the cream filling…not a lot of nutritional value in either of those choices, I’m afraid.

After work, I stopped at the grocery store, despite my vow not to go grocery shopping when I’m hungry or tired (and I was both today).  I walked down the cookie aisle, looked at the Fig Newtons (which really wouldn’t have been a terrible choice), then walked away.  When I walked by the deli, I looked at the BBQ wings, then walked away.  In the freezer section, I looked at the ice cream.  Then I looked at it some more.  Then I reminded myself that just a few days ago, I said I wasn’t going to buy ice cream.  I ended up buying a box of strawberry fruit bars…80 calories apiece…I think that was a better choice than the ice cream that I’ve been eating.  I ended up buying all healthy food and no diet Pepsi.  I think I’m getting closer to giving it up (again).  Anyhow, I’m feeling pretty good about my shopping trip…oh yeah, and that I have tomorrow off work!

Do you struggle to purchase healthier food and beverage choices?  How do you cope?

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  1. I only struggle with it when hubby accompanies me to the store! lol I ate better today, got in 45 mins. of cardio and used resistance bands. Some of those fruit bars look yummy. Would you buy those again?

    • I think I probably will buy the fruit bars again. I bought strawberry ones and they have chunks of real strawberry in them. Of course, the really healthy thing to do would be to make my own…I think I am going to make another batch of the frozen banana pops tomorrow afternoon. You had a great day today…see, one day of eating a little too much didn’t throw you off!!

  2. You need to buy yourself some yogurt/granola bars, for days like this! I’ve learned the hard way, not to go ‘grocery’ shopping hungry…. I try to at least eat a granola bar or sesame seed bars, just so I’m not starvin marvin when I walk in the store:o)

    • You’re right, Mindy. I kept a box of cereal bars in my desk, then didn’t replace them when I ate the last one. I’m adding that to my list right now.

  3. Have you tried making your own fruit pops? They are quick and easy. Just put some fruit in the blender and your set. There are lots of recipe sites for fruit bars which might inspire. I also love frozen grapes, blueberries, and of course watermelon! . 🙂

    • I have not…I’ve read all kinds of recipes about it, some blogs about it, and I still haven’t tried it. I know they’s be so much healthier for me…I do like to take frozen watermelon and put it in the blender and then drink that…yum..I just cut up a watermelon today so that may be on the menu for tomorrow.

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