What is the deal with cats and running water?

Water flowing from a tap

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Or maybe it’s not all cats, maybe it’s just my crazy little cat.  If there’s running water anywhere in the house, she has to be right there.  She doesn’t try to get into it, she just wants to watch it, maybe occasionally reaching a paw out to catch a few drops.  I’ve had a lot of cats over the years, but never have I had one that seems to be so fascinated by running water, and the water has to be running.  Once it’s stopped, she loses interest and walks away.

Any time I flush the stool anywhere in the house, Spooky comes running.  She stands there with her front paws on the seat watching the water flush.  When it’s done, so is she.  She turns around and walks out of the room.  If the water is running in a sink, she wants to be right there watching it.  Sometimes she tries to touch it, but not always.  It’s often enough for her to just sit there watching the stream of water.  Turn it off and she’s done.  Then, last night, I was soaking in a warm bath with the water running.  She was on the edge of the tub crying up a storm, reaching down for the water, but not ever actually touching it.  This continued until I turned the water off.  Once I did that, she jumped down and went into the bedroom.  When I finished my bath and walked into the bedroom, she was sleeping on the bed.  Apparently all of this water watching and worrying exhausted her…poor little mistreated girl.

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  1. Tiggie likes to watch the running water in the sink. She will even hold her head under it. Never caught her watching the toilet but she likes it when Hannah is in the tub. We used to have a cat that sat on the side on the tub while the shower was running. Who know what’s in the mind of a cat.

  2. Your cat definitely looks Spooky!

  3. My Freckle loves running water! He likes to drink from the bathroom sink, but prefers that I cup some water in my hand for him! Spoiled. He also likes to sit on the edge of the tub when I take a bath and sometimes paws at the water/tries to drink it. My aunt also had a cat who liked to drink running water from the sink. He was the first cat I knew to do that.

    • It sounds like Freckles has you right where he wants you…I had a cat that wanted to drink from my hand too. Isn’t it funny how they all have different personalities?!

  4. My daughter had a cat that loved to hang out in the bathroom when someone was in the shower or tub. They’re funny.

  5. Domino’s preferred drinking water is dripping, or running, from the tap. Especially in my bathroom. She’ll meow and whine and bat at me until I turn the water on. She’ll test it with her paw to be sure it’s OK, and then dips down to lap it with her tongue. Cwazy Cat!

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