The long and winding road to fitness, day 36

1906 Weight-loss

Image by Tumbleweed:-) via Flickr

Well…I’m certainly glad to have this day over.  I worked open to close today ( I volunteered to do that so my boss could have at least one day of his weekend off.  I know I don’t like having to come in on my weekend off.  I’m sure he feels the same.).  Tired?  Oh yeah!

This was a pretty good day of eating.  I didn’t have time to cook anything, so I kind of took a little of this and a little of that to work.  I did end up grabbing a bag of Cheetos (those jalapeno ones…hey does that count as a veggie?  ha!) from the vending machine to go with my veggie burger at lunch.  I had my yogurt with blackberries and granola again.  Also cucumber slices and a tomato, cantaloupe and string cheese…tea…so some degree of healthy eating for the day.

I didn’t exercise at all today other than the running around at work, did do quite a bit of ladder climbing and a lot of walking.  I skipped the planned exercise knowing I was going to be working all day…I think it’s fine to skip a day here and there, it’s even recommended by experts, so I don’t feel bad about it.

Oh, I did weigh in this morning, lost the two pounds I’d gained over my vacation as well as another pound…so that puts the total at 12 pounds lost now!  Not bad…still a long, long way to go, but I’m on the right path.

How did your day go?  Did you eat anything exciting?

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  1. That image, I dunno. I have tons of family photographs where the women looked just like the first one. It seems I come from a long line of very corpulent women. Because I’ve been lazy or something the last couple weeks, I haven’t been planning my meals for lunch. I get so upset midday because I end up junk eating. Hopefully, I’ll change this bad habit soon. Congrats on your weight loss! You’re doing so well!

  2. Congrats on the loss! I agree, when you work that many hours, you deserve a day off. And your body will thank you, too. Exciting food, no, but I overate at the employee appreciation dinner. Not too bad, but still, it wasn’t what I normally eat by any means. I had one crab roll (appetizer); salad; twice-baked potato, who knows what was whipped in; baked flounder stuffed with crabmeat, I ate about half of it; a roll, which I didn’t need; and a chocolate mousse dessert. I ate a banana for breakfast and some multigrain crackers with cheese and a plum for lunch. I went over my calorie limit by at least 200, not knowing what all the ingredients were. I’d better get serious about exercise this week!

    • ooh…the crab roll sounds good, heck, it all sounds good. And to only go over by about 200 calories is an accomplishment. Yeah, when you eat things that someone else has prepared, you don’t really know what they put in it and then you have a difficult time figuring out the calories. But it’s all about balance, right? You watch what you eat most of the time and then can afford the occasional splurge.

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