Shimmering stars

night sky

Image by indole via Flickr

One of the things I miss about living in the country is being able to sit outside in the evening looking up at the stars shimmering in the night sky.  We did this when I was a kid and the view never failed to enthrall us.  We could see thousands of stars (or tens of thousands?  millions?).  Some of the stars would shine bright and steady while others blinked off and on like the lights on our Christmas tree.  And every once in a while, we were lucky enough to see a shooting star. 

We tried to find the various constellations, but weren’t all that successful with that.  We could always find the Big and Little Dippers, but beyond that, we were just making it up, inventing our own constellations and naming them whatever we chose.  A telescope might have helped us with our searches, but we couldn’t afford one.  So we made do with our imaginations.  What’s wrong with that?

Now that I live in town, I don’t sit outside after dark.  Even if I did, it would be difficult to see any but the brightest of stars.  Where I live, we have security lights on all night, so it never really gets pitch dark like it does in the country.  Maybe someday I’ll have that little place in the country where I can sit on the porch and search the night sky again.  I think I’d enjoy that.

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  1. Delightful! Just last night we were watching the storms coming in. It was incredible. There was a wall of dust to the south, towers of thunder clouds to the east and north, and clear to the west where the sun was sitting and creating pastels.

    I told my son to remember what he was seeing. He said he’d still be able to see it when he grew up and lived in the city because he’d live in a tall skyscraper. He’s too young to know what light pollution does.

    • wow, what a view you all must have had last night…yep, your son will realize, soon enough, that it isn’t as easy to enjoy those incredible vistas from a skyscraper…but hopefully that’ll be many years down the road…keep him with you for as long as possible…well, maybe not until he’s 40, but you catch my drift, right?

  2. I miss being able to see the stars, too. I’d love to watch the meteor showers, but would have to travel a pretty good distance to get away from the city lights. Maybe I need to start a bucket list.

  3. We used to go up in the mountains a lot to a family cabin…there’s nothing like stargazing at high altitude…but the last few years we’ve just been too busy. It’s true though, sitting out in the dark, gazing up at the stars, it’s better than TV.

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