The long and winding road to fitness, day 34


What a wild and crazy day this was.  The auditor is in a nearby store, we have to be prepared…our district manager is coming for a visit,  more preparation.  Run, run, run…oh, no auditor today.  Oh, the district manager will be visiting on Saturday instead of today…so, another day wasted without getting any real work done…ahh…gotta love that!!

But I also had another good day with the eating and exercising…finished the day with 1625 calories and walked for 40 minutes,did lower body strength training, 8 exercises, 2 sets of each…not bad, not bad at all.  There was one time that I thought about heading to the break room for a bag of chips from the vending machine, but I ate an Icee  (I don’t know if that’s what they’re really called…maybe not…it’s those frozen slushy kind of things in the long tubes.)  that someone was nice enough to bring for all of us…and on a hot day like today, that tasted really good.  Totally satisfied me.

I also had a nice visit with a good friend (hey, Margaret)…she moved out of town, so now we don’t see one another like we did in the past.  We’ve got to get together and do something fun before summer ends.  We used to go to auctions and festivals frequently, now we see one another only occasionally.  So today was good.  Isn’t it a blessing to have good friends?  And have you noticed, the best of friends can pick right up where they left off no matter how long it’s been since they were together?

What fun things do you do with your friends during the summer?

Shimmering stars

night sky

Image by indole via Flickr

One of the things I miss about living in the country is being able to sit outside in the evening looking up at the stars shimmering in the night sky.  We did this when I was a kid and the view never failed to enthrall us.  We could see thousands of stars (or tens of thousands?  millions?).  Some of the stars would shine bright and steady while others blinked off and on like the lights on our Christmas tree.  And every once in a while, we were lucky enough to see a shooting star. 

We tried to find the various constellations, but weren’t all that successful with that.  We could always find the Big and Little Dippers, but beyond that, we were just making it up, inventing our own constellations and naming them whatever we chose.  A telescope might have helped us with our searches, but we couldn’t afford one.  So we made do with our imaginations.  What’s wrong with that?

Now that I live in town, I don’t sit outside after dark.  Even if I did, it would be difficult to see any but the brightest of stars.  Where I live, we have security lights on all night, so it never really gets pitch dark like it does in the country.  Maybe someday I’ll have that little place in the country where I can sit on the porch and search the night sky again.  I think I’d enjoy that.