The long and winding road to fitness, day 33

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Holy moly, what a day!  Hot, humid, oppressive.  We had a ton of fun working outside this morning unloading a truck.  I was just thankful it was there at 8 am rather than at 2 pm…As it was, we were all drenched in sweat before we came back inside.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I drank a lot of water today.

My eating was great…and I say that simply because I ate only what I planned to eat…I didn’t take even one tiny bite of Donna’s peanut butter or chocolate chip cookies (and since they are truly awesome, that’s quite an accomplishment for me) or any of Jean Ann’s lemon cake.  These girls are seriously trying to tempt me…but it’s not going to work today.

My exercise consisted of 20 minutes of walking, 8 upper body strength training exercises, 2 sets of each, and, of course, working a truck for the entire day.  Since I don’t know how to figure that in as part of my workout, you’ll just have to accept that it was a lot of walking and lifting.  I’m pretty tired tonight and plan to go to bed early.  I have to work at getting my seven to eight hours of sleep.  I’ve got another hard day ahead of me tomorrow.

So, what exercise did you manage to get in today?  Do you count your house and garden work as part of your exercise for the day?  I do, if it’s beyond what I would do in a normal day…like if I do a lot of gardening and that’s not something I would  normally do.  If it’s something I do every day, I just figure it’s part of my daily activities.  I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, or even if there is a right or wrong to it.


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  1. Sweat, ugh. We should get bonus pay if we have to sweat. Sadly I did very little once the humidity shot up to 48% here. I walked about four blocks but returned home for fear of passing out.

    • Wow…you had 48% humidity, huh? That would be a good day in July around here…but I do agree we should get some kind of bonus for working outside in this nasty weather…and then having to finish the day inside when your hair is frizzy and your make up has disappeared!!

  2. I did a large-scale workout this morning but was interrupted by a friend stopping over TWICE and the heat. I made it through but probably not before sweating out my weight in liquid five times over. Well, maybe four, but still.

    • Those darn friends!! Good for you for completing your workout anyhow!! What kind of exercise are you doing?

      • About three times a week, I do a large-scale workout with lifting weights, sit ups, push-ups, v-sits, leg lifts, side planks, holding push-ups, the works. Takes about anywhere from an hour and a half to two hrs, depending on those darn friends haha, but it’s worth it in the long run.

      • That’s impressive! And what in the world are you doing up this early?

      • Work beckoned me. Unfortunately.

      • aww…me too…equally unfortunately…do you have to get up that early every work day?

      • Not every day. I work two part-time jobs to help pay my way to college and the one usually requires me to get up that early. I was awake at 5am this morning and I’ve been up almost 24 straight hours at this rate. haha, life’s life.

  3. I got in a 30 minute brisk walk w/Leslie Sansone. Then I watered, weeded & deadheaded flowers this evening. I don’t count much exercise outside of my cardio workouts, aiming for 150 minutes of that per week. I need to work more on my abdominals, and like the stability ball for those. I do make sure to log exercise/work that is outside of normal activity. It makes me feel better to see that on my page. You are burning lots of calories with unloading that truck!

    • Yeah, those trucks are an all day affair…I get thru them by telling myself it’s a marathon workout..I need to get back to walking with Leslie and her crowd, or even doing more dancing…I really love to dance and have stopped doing it as often as I did in the past…hmm…why?

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