The long and winding road to fitness, day 31

Day 351/365 - fat free Greek yogurt

Image by Newbirth35 via Flickr

Another good day with the eating and exercising…I consumed 1550 calories, got in 45 minutes of walking and 6 core exercises, 2 sets each.  Plus, I ran from the front to the back of the store continuously today…we had a call-in in framing, and I was back there most of the day answering questions, helping people with 4-H projects (why do so many people wait until the last minute to do these things?), helping people with their framing questions, directing people to the restroom (please, please, use the restroom…), and trying like crazy to get at least a little of my own work done.

I ate my Greek yogurt, a little granola and a peach all mixed together for my morning snack.  Lunch was the quinoa, black bean salad I made the other day.  I had a V8 fusions drink (pineapple mango with green tea…have you tried these?) with my lunch.  I also ate one of those Fiber One brownies…only 90 calories and good enough to keep me away from the vending machine…honestly, I never even thought about getting anything from the vending machine today…too busy, I guess.

This was my dinner this evening…well, the smoothie, the other two peaches are still sitting on the kitchen counter.  For the smoothie, I used one peach (juicy and delicious), some cantaloupe, half of a frozen banana, half a cup of Greek yogurt and just a little water.  Yum!  And isn’t it just the prettiest peach color?  I also had some Back to Nature flaxseed crackers with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese…who comes up with this stuff?  It’s so good that I feel like I’m eating a lot more calories than I am…and I’m all for that!  It was a nice, cool, refreshing dinner for this super hot day.

Do you find yourself naturally eating more cold foods when it’s as hot as it is now (I don’t know about where you are, but it’s going to be in the mid 90s here every day this week)?  Is there any particular food that you crave during the hot summer weather?  I like smoothies and watermelon when it’s so miserably hot…and those are some pretty healthy choices, I do believe!!  Stay cool, everyone!


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  1. I would love to have some watermelon. I’ve been seeing them in the stores, but I have no room in the fridge to keep it (and I like it cold). Guess I could substitute a small ice chest. Hmmm Got some Ranier cherries to try. The produce man was putting them on display and they looked so good. Also got some fresh peaches and black plums, and some Birds Eye Steam Fresh veggies–and ate a whole bag of those for lunch! Lost another pound! Yee Ha! Had a Dr. appt. early, and a haircut later today, so I’ll probably move my workout to tomorrow.

    • I always buy the small watermelons and cut them off the rind (easy to do, very quick…learned the trick when I worked in a restaurant)..sounds like the subject of a blog next time I buy one, doesn’t it? I just saw a recipe that used frozen watermelon…so that’s an idea too. Which of the Birds Eye veggies did you get? I have used the Healthy Weight ones for lunch…just heat in the microwave at work. Ooh…a new haircut!! Doesn’t that always make you feel great? I’ve got an appointment for next Tuesday for a hair cut, then another appointment with the eye doctor. Hopefully it’ll cool off a little by then.

      • Yes! You will HAVE to show us your watermelon expertise! Today I had the Baby Broccoli Blend; and I also bought Baby Potato Blend, and Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrots in lt. cheese sauce. I liked the Green Giant Healthy Weight one, also. How did you know I got a new ‘do, rather than just a trim? The heat gave it away, didn’t it? Hopefully I can make it look like something on my own tomorrow. 🙂

      • I got a new style a couple of months ago…I don’t know that I can go a lot shorter…it’s kind of a pixie cut…being able to replicate the stylist’s work is always the trick, isn’t it?

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