My little garden in mid July

As with most gardens, there are some hits and some misses.  Some things in my garden are performing wonderfully.  I’ve got plenty of cucumbers…

Only one pepper plant has actually produced any peppers so far, although the jalapeno plant is now blooming, my fault, I transplanted it late.

The zucchini plant has taken over…

See how huge the plant is relative to the terra-cotta bird bath?  This thing is gigantic. I have plenty of zucchini even with picking them small.

The sunflowers are still blooming although the little gold finches are eating all the seeds.

Now the black-eyed Susans are blooming…

Unfortunately, the tomatoes have been hit with blight again this year…darn it, darn it, darn it! I’m hoping the ones that have come up on their own will manage to avoid it, they did fine last year even though the others all succumbed to the dreaded blight.   In the mean time, thank goodness for the farmers market.


8 Responses

  1. Thankfully I don’t have to deal with blight this year, but the one tomato plant I was able to save from the late frost is not very productive. The grasshoppers ate up the cabbage so I got nothing. I’ve got my fingers crossed that someone will share with me from their garden, but it doesn’t sound like anyone here is having much better luck than I am. The only veggie we’ve coming out of our ears is beans.

    • I forgot you had that late frost…and those stupid grasshoppers…they can destoy a garden in no time. Maybe you can plant some fall crops…I always mean to, but by the time fall rolls around, I’m working more hours and don’t end up making the time to do anything other than clean up the garden…oops, I mean the patio…

      • Thank you for reminding me. I’d forgotten I wanted to try some cold frame gardening in the fall. I’d also like to try a few plants indoors except I keep my house so cold in the winter, I’m not sure how to swing it at this point.

      • I bet lettuce and spinach would grow well in your cold winter you have a lot of natural light? I always mean to grow salad greens in the house in the winter…yeah, yeah,,,coulda, shoulda, woulda…

  2. That’s a lovely zucchini plant! In fact, all the plants look very good. You are quite the gardener.

  3. The veggies are looking good and i bet they are going to taste delish!

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