The long and winding road to fitness, day 30


Image by stebulus via Flickr

Thirty days!!  Unbelievable!!  But it’s true.  I had a successful day with the eating and the exercising.  I had my lunch and snacks packed up last night, so I was able to quickly throw everything in my lunch bag this morning.  I’ve still got to do that for tomorrow.  I also rode the bike this morning before work and did upper body strength training, 8 exercises, 2 sets of each.  Then I managed to walk for 45 minutes in addition to a ton of walking at work. 

I had a wonderful mid morning snack…Greek yogurt, a little granola, then a fresh peach cut up and mixed in.  That was soooo good.  I love fresh peaches at this time of the year.  Eat ’em while they’re ripe and juicy.

One of the new girls brought in a pan of cheesecake brownies that she’d made (from scratch, and this is a young kid…very impressive)…I took one bite of one, then threw it away.  Not because it didn’t taste good (it was yummy), but because I didn’t want to mess up my good eating day.  I felt pretty good about doing that.

Going back to work after a vacation is never fun.  There’s always a ton of work to catch up on.  I felt like I made a dent in it, but still have a lot to do tomorrow.  So it’s going to have to be early to bed for me tonight.  I’m worn out.

Are you tempted by the treats that family, friends, or co-workers bring in?  How do you cope with that?

6 Responses

  1. Good job! Not tempted by sweets as much any more. They take away too many of my precious calories. Fresh peaches are the BEST.

  2. Yummy, fresh peaches. No one I know of has those locally but there is a neighbor’s apricot tree I’m watching diligently. I’m happy for you that you had such a good day today with what you’re working toward. Cheers!

  3. That peach looks delicious!

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