The long and winding road to fitness, day 25

Sheesh, I got so wrapped up in playing a game that I almost forgot to post this tonight…what is the world coming to?  I had a pretty good day again today.  Slept until about 6:30 (it gets later and later as my vacation continues, then it gets really difficult to get back into my work routine.  I think I’m really a night owl who trained herself to be a morning person.  But I’d be willing to bet that, once I’m able to quit working…haha…I’ll totally revert to my night owl tendencies.), wrote my 750 words and two blog posts, did a little gardening and housework, then had to get ready to get out of the house to run some errands.  I kept my appointment with my new eye doctor (she can’t be much more than 16…) then went to the grocery store.  I just picked up a few things to tide me over.  I’m planning to go to the farmers market Saturday morning to buy my produce for next week.  Someone was in the store the other day and said she’d gone last Saturday and that some of the vendors now have their fresh corn for sale…yummo!!!  And I’ll have to buy more peaches…there’s only a short period of time when you can buy peaches that are perfect, and that time is now.

I got in quite a bit of exercise today…biked this morning for 20 minutes, walked for 30 minutes, did upper body strength training, 8 exercises, 2 sets each and a little stretching.  I’m planning to go out for a long walk early in the morning and take some pictures along the way.  I walk by myself, but I try to stay in fairly populated areas…I don’t really know if that’s safer or not.  I’d like to go hiking through the woods, but am a little hesitant to do that by myself.  When I was a kid, I didn’t think anything about heading out for a day in the woods by myself…well, my big old tom cat always tagged along, not sure how much protection he would have been, but he was good company.  I guess everything was different back then.  You didn’t worry so much about crazy mean people doing crazy  mean things.

My eating wasn’t as good as it could have been. I did have a couple of small pieces of pizza after I finished my errands.  People always ask me if I’m sick of pizza after owning a pizza place for all of those years…if only…I still love pizza, only now I try to make it a little healthier…whole wheat crust, lots of veggies and not quite as much cheese.  It’s good, but it sure doesn’t compare to the full fat, high calorie pizzas of years gone by…ahh…the trade-offs we make when we decide to focus on our health and fitness.  I ended the day with a little over 1700 calories and a bit too much fat and sodium…more veggies for me tomorrow, for sure.

So how did you all do today?  Tell me, when you exercise outside, do you go by yourself or with someone else?  Does anyone know where you’re going, the route you’ll be taking?  Do you take your phone?  Any money?  We’ve got a nice trail not too far from where I live, but people who have been walking or biking by themselves have been attacked on more than one occasion…isn’t that sad?  Here these people are, out trying to get in some exercise or just enjoy the fresh air, and some idiots decide to attack them.  I know for sure a girl who was running by herself was attacked by a guy, but she managed to get away from him.  Then there was the guy who was biking and was attacked by two other guys, he got away too, after punching one of the guys in the face.  I don’t know what I’d do if something like that happened while I was out walking…and so often, no one knows that I’m even out there by myself, much less where I’m going…not sure what to do about that…I definitely don’t go walking on that trail by myself…too bad that people have to destroy the peacefulness of something like that. 

This picture isn’t part of the trail I was talking about earlier, this is an unfinished portion of the B Line which runs through downtown Bloomington…this was a railroad track not too many years ago, now you see walkers, runners, bikers, families, dog walkers and so on taking advantage of this wonderful walkway.  One of these days, I’ll get some pictures of the finished part of the trail…it’s really pretty, so well designed.

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  1. It is sad that one doesn’t feel safe getting outside. It’s been too hot to exercise outside this week with heat advisories. During the day I might walk by myself around a nearby neighborhood with nice, wide sidewalks. Rarely do I see anyone, unless someone is working in their yard. I leave my jewelry & money at home, carry my cell. Sometimes when I remember, I stick my ID in my pocket. Most of the time no one knows I’m going. Other times I walk a couple blocks to the post office in a strip mall shopping center. There’s a track behind the school across the street, but I find that boring by myself. There’s a paved path around a man-made lake at a city park that is nice to walk on, too; usually lots of people there.
    I had 1513 calories today, did Leslie Sansone’s 4-mile walk, and ran a couple errands.
    Your pizza picture is making me hungry, I’d better go to bed! 🙂 Congrats on another great day!
    I also was “trained” to get up when I worked. Now I’d stay up half the night! (but this week I’ve had things to do in the a.m.)

    • They built a new grade school in my neighborhood. I walked over there hoping they’d have a track, but no such luck…but you’re right, it is pretty boring walking around a track by yourself…congrats on another great day yourself!! I really like those Leslie Sansone dvds…good workout and easy to follow.

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