Gold finches in the garden

gold finches on a feeder

Image by DanielJames via Flickr

I walked into the kitchen this evening and saw a tiny little bird perched on a big leaf of one of the sunflower plants outside my kitchen window.  The bird kept leaning over the head of the sunflower then perching on the leaf again, presumably eating the sunflowers she was pulling from the flower head (hey, that’s okay, the birds planted those sunflowers in the first place).   It was quite the balancing act and very amusing to watch.  A few seconds later, I saw a larger bird doing the same thing.  When he flew up to the top of the garden arch, I could see that it was a gold finch.  Shortly, the other bird joined her mate on the garden arch.  How adorable, a male and a female gold finch.  They kept me company for a few minutes before flying away.  I’m sure they’ll return again…the buffet is still open, sunflower seeds for all.

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  1. Hello fellow bird lover! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my article about my finch. I liked your post about goldfinches. Aren’t they just the nicest things to watch?

    • Well, thank you for returning the favor…I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching all the different birds at my feeders…the finches are just so sweet. I must admit tho, I’m partial to the blue jays (I know so many people hate them), they’re so pretty and loud, but they sure do warn everyone when danger is around. Back in the days, many years ago, when I actually allowed my cats to go outside, a blue jay chased one of my cats as the cat was making a mad dash for the house…funny to watch…I don’t think the cat ever got over it~

  2. Little finches are so enjoyable to watch. I haven’t seen many this year, but I have lots of robins.

    • I like watching all the different birds…it’s funny how different their personalities are (I remember a college prof in pshychology telling us that animals didn’t have personalities…when people questioned him, he admitted to only having been around lab animals…yeah, how much personality would he have if he had been locked in a cage and subjected to torture every day?).

  3. All my birds plant is weeds! lol And peanuts. Maybe they don’t technically call it personality, but birds certainly have distinctive behavior.

    • I just noticed a smaller sunflower plant that’s getting ready to bloom…the birds had to plant it, because I sure didn’t. It is a lot of fun to watch the birds chattering and chasing one another all over the back yard.

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