The bugs are really starting to annoy me

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I was standing outside talking to my neighbor after work today.  I was tired and hot, but that I could live with.  It was the crazy bugs flying around that really started…well…bugging me.  I kept swatting at them to no avail.  Really, why do we do that?  Do you think the bugs care about that?  Are they saying, “ooh…watch out!!  human hand coming in on your left…no, now on your right…dart up and then dive straight down…you can’t miss ’em.”?  And why is it that bugs seem to bother some of us and not others?  Of course, I prefer to think that they’re attracted to my pleasant scent and overall sweetness, but that’s probably not the real reason they decide to swarm around me and not my neighbor.  It’s always the worst in the early morning and then again in the evening…feeding time, right?

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  1. When Lori was small and getting eaten alive with mosquitos, the doctor said to give her Vitamin B3,niacin. It must be body chemistry with some people. I know you don’t like to use non-natural remedies but the new tropical scent OFF spray works well on flies. I don’t remember the dosage for Vit.B3 but I think it was only one tablet a day.

    • I may have to give the vitamin B3 a try…I can’t even go outside for a few minutes in the evening without the bugs thinking I’m their smorgasbord. Probably won’t try the OFF, cool that they have a tropical scent tho!!

  2. That’s an all-too-familiar story. It’s hard to want to be outside when they’re lying in wait for dinner!

  3. So funny! “ooh… human hand…” Makes me wonder what that fly was thinking as he continually dive-bombed my mom’s last bite of hot dog the other day. Both of us were swatting at him and still he persisted! He was probably a teenager!

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