The long and winding road to fitness, day 20

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This poor kitty looks like I feel.  Have you ever had one of those days where you’re tired, hot, and hungry?  Where you’re kind of in a bad mood, but don’t really have a reason to be?  Well, that was my day today.  We had to go in early to move the grids and everything in the back half of the store where they stripped and waxed the rest of the store overnight last night.  That’s never fun for anyone and it was no different for me.  But we finally got it done.  Then I had fifty million other things I needed to get done.  I just didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything today.  I was there for 11 hours and still have a ton of things to do.  But you have to go home eventually.  I’ve learned that you can never get everything done in a day, and even if you did, there would be more to do tomorrow.  So just do the best you can, then enjoy your life away from work.

I did stick to my eating plan really well today.  I consumed 1528 calories for the day, got in 45 minutes of walking (plus who knows how much at work), and did 6 lower body strength training exercises, 2 sets of each.  I’m going to attempt to make it to bed early tonight and get some much-needed rest before I head back in tomorrow morning.  Only three more days to work before I get my wonderful vacation!!

So, does anyone else ever feel like you’re in a bad mood and can’t really pinpoint why?  What do you do to snap out of it?


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  1. Maybe it’s something in the air? Hopefully, you have a nice, relaxing vacation planned that will recharge you. 🙂

  2. Sorry you have had it rough. When I have had a rough day I try to watch a movie that will take me out of reality or I paint. When I’m watching a movie, my cat Soleil will usually snuggle with me. 🙂 That is definitely something that will lift my mood.

    • I’m the same way with my little Spooky girl…she just cuddles and wants to be loved on…definitely a good way to lift my spirits!

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