How would you spend your lottery winnings?

The front of a used Mark Six ticket

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We were talking the other day about what we would do if we won the lottery, you know, the big one!  I don’t ever really think about it, because I figure you have to actually buy lottery tickets to win and very rarely do I buy a lottery ticket of any kind.  But it was kind of fun to talk about it and dream a little.

We both said we’d quit our jobs (now what does that say about us and the jobs we’re in?).  Chris said he’d probably start his own business.  I think I’d just buy a nice little place in the country and a new truck, then work on my writing.  He thought that sounded boring, but heck, I’ve been working since I was 14 (13 years of running my own business).  I would enjoy some solitude so I could really focus on improving my craft.  It’s difficult to devote a lot of time to writing when you work more than full time and have to do all of the things associated with running a household.  But I bet most of you all already knew that.  I can envision myself sleeping in until about 6 am, getting up and feeding the cats and the birds, then sitting down at the computer for a few hours working on a book, articles, reviews or my blog.  Then spending about an hour working out and another hour doing chores, then sitting back down to spend a few more hours writing. 

Now I’m not saying that’s exactly how it would be.  I know myself well enough to know I’d probably get distracted, spend time answering emails, on facebook, reading other blogs, etc.  Then I’d probably start staying up later and getting up later, sitting outside reading and bird watching.  And I’d probably have to start taking naps due to my strenuous schedule.  I wonder just how much extra writing time I’d get in every day…oh well, it’s not like I’m going to be winning that monster lottery any time soon anyhow…

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  1. My friends and I discussed this recently and came to this conclusion:

    1) Invest about 15-25%.

    2) Buy a new car.

    3) Pay for university.

    4) Deposit the rest in a secure bank.

  2. The first 10% would go to the Lord’s work at our church and Billy Graham. Depending on how much was left, pay off my debts, my kids debts, college funds for my 5 grandkids, a new van, a house in Hawaii, helping the families of deployed soldiers, financing missionaries, annual trips for my entire family,flowers, flowers and more flowers, finance research to cure cancer and other diseases. Other than the first 10%, the rest may not be in the order of importance. Oh, I guess I should hire a trustworthy CPA like my cousin to do all the financial work.

    • Sounds like you’ve given this some thought, Margaret!! And maybe we could find a few dollars to take a little trip…where do you want to go?

      • The Holy Land, Egypt, Japan, France, Spain, the Caribbean. How’s that for a little trip? And you thought we were only going to Amish Acres! Ha!

      • when you talk trip, you talk trip…don’t forget Ireland…I’ve always wanted to go there~~

  3. It’s interesting to think about. I’d like to think if I did win, but like you said I’d have to actually play, I would share. It kind of seems like what I’d do. Give it all away and end up broke again, lol. A recent wordpress prompt was what is one thing you’d like to buy? Today, if I did have the funds, I’d go buy a new blender. Your writing is great. I’m glad you do find the time to share it with us!

  4. Would love to always get updated great blog!
    Max-Philipp Reisener

  5. I like the sound of what you would do, and could see myself evolving into the same things, sleeping later, staying up later…I don’t know that I’d move to the country, but I’d sure get off the main road. 🙂 A beach house would be nice, but I wouldn’t want the storm risks that go with it. A log house would be cozy, with large windows surrounded by beautiful scenery…but i want my city plumbing, trash pick-up, etc. And a maid to keep it clean. So I could write, of course. lol

  6. lol your odds of winning increase by 50% when you actually buy the ticket! ;o) Mind you I’m the same way, I don’t…… but never say never. I’m sure the previous winners really didn’t expect to be the big winner. Personally, I have over a half dozen grandbabies now, I think my winnings would be spend on their ‘dream lists’ !

    • yeah, I think your odds of winning are about 0% the way we do it, not buying a ticket pretty much insures you won’t win…I suppose you could find a winning ticket on the ground…maybe…

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