The long and winding road to fitness, day 18

Breads and Bread rolls at a bakery

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I had the day off work today.  It was nice early, then a little hot later on.  Fortunately, I did all of my running around early in the day and spent most of the rest of the day working around the house.  I didn’t get in a lot of exercise today (walked for 20 minutes), but I did work up a sweat cleaning house.  I managed to get everything done on my to-do list and, believe me, that doesn’t happen very often!!  So now I have a (relatively) clean house and can face the next few days of work before I go on vacation (woohoo!!  I love vacations!).

I had to go grocery shopping.  I was out of bread and close to being out of fresh fruit and milk.  So I took my list and my coupons and headed out to Kroger.  I ended up spending way more than I wanted to, but I bought some things to take to work for healthier alternatives to the junk in the vending machine.  Now I need to package them up in individual serving size bags, then they’re ready to just grab and go. Better for my health and for my wallet.  I bought a bag of prepared popcorn from Popcorn, Indiana…seriously…it’s just down the road from where I live.  I’m going to have to make a road trip and check it out.  Anyhow, I’ve had the popcorn from Popcorn before, and it’s really, really good!!  I also bought some dried pineapple to use in my trail mix.  That’s probably my favorite dried fruit.  So now I’m all set as far as food for work is concerned. 

You’d think, having the day off and running around in the morning then doing all of those chores in the afternoon would have kept me from eating too much, but you’d be wrong.  I bought a baguette from the Bakehouse ( a local bakery).  All of their breads are so tasty and I’m a huge fan of fresh bread.  So, yes, you’ve figured it out already, I ate too much bread today.  Combine that with a bowl of ice cream and you’re looking at a nutritional disaster of a day.  Oh well, tomorrow’s meals and snacks are already planned.  It’s truck day, which means a day full of running around like a maniac, lugging boxes around, climbing ladders…so plenty of exercise.  I’ll just let today fade into the sunset and move on with increased determination tomorrow.

How’d everyone else do today?  Anything fun and exciting to report?  Any great recipes to share?

The restroom is NOT in aisle 17A

Toilet paper

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I’m not really sure what the deal is with customers in our store finding unique places to go to the bathroom, but it happened again last night.  I was at home when one of the women I work with called me to tell me an interesting story about her evening recovery (straightening things up, putting merchandise back where it belongs).  She was walking along through the wood aisle when she saw what she thought was melted chocolate in a display box of wood and felt shapes.  What?  Who?  No, wait, that’s not chocolate…that’s, you guessed it, poop.  You heard me, someone deposited some poop in a box of merchandise right in the middle of the wood department.  Who does that?  And why?

Donna said it looked to her like someone had emptied out their baby’s diaper.I still find myself shaking my head at this.  We are actually a modern enough store that we have restrooms for our customers to use…you know, toilets, sinks with soap and running water, paper towels, toilet paper, trash cans, even baby changing tables…I know it’s hard to imagine all those amenities in a restroom, but that’s just the way we roll.  So what would possess someone to just empty their baby’s diaper in the middle of the store where anyone could be walking by and see them?  And what kind of thought processes must exist for someone to think that’s alright to do?

Donna is pretty funny.   She said she hoped it was okay that she threw the merchandise and the display case away.  Oh yeah, I don’t think there’s any way to salvage it.  I know I wouldn’t want to buy something that had been contaminated in that manner, so I wouldn’t expect anyone else to either.  Thank goodness Donna was working (probably not what she was thinking) because she took care of it.  Can you imagine if that had sat there like that all night?  Yuck!!

I just want to plead with anyone who is ever a customer in a store anywhere…please, please, please…ask someone where the restroom is before you decide to make the break room or aisle 17A your own personal restroom.  All of the associates working in the stores and all of the other customers will thank you!