The garden outside my back door

The Great Seal of the State of Indiana

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Here it is, early July, and it certainly feels like it.  Hot and humid here in Indiana, just about what we expect for the July 4th holiday.  While this weather can be uncomfortable for us humans, as long as we provide them with plenty of water, the garden plants (for the most part) love it.  Okay, sure, the lettuce and spinach can’t take the heat, but the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers love it.

I’m getting plenty of peppers from this one Cubanelle plant…I planted my jalapeno plant late, but it’s now blooming, so it won’t be long…

There are several small cucumbers almost ready to pick…the taste of a home-grown cucumber is nothing like what you buy at the grocery store.  I’m not really sure what those things they sell as cucumbers at the grocery store actually are…definitely not the super tasty, crunchy cucurbits that I grow.  When I raise my own cukes, I eat them in their entireity…skin, seeds and flesh.  No bitterness, just yummy cool cucumber taste.

The zucchini plant, as zucchini plants tend to do, is growing like crazy….

There are tiny little zucchini squash on the plant…at least they were tiny yesterday, by tomorrow they may be baseball bat sized!!

And I was surprised to see a red tomato on the Amish paste tomato plant…almost ready to pick!

And how can you resist smiling when you see these cheery flowers?  Gardening is good for you, body and soul!

7 Responses

  1. Your garden is coming right along! Have you planted in containers before? We used to have a garden, but jobs took too much time, so we stopped. Seems like something always messed up the squash vines (bores?), blossom end rot on tomatoes, etc. But we had LOTS of cucumbers, and our dog loved ’em!

    • I’ve done container gardening for several years now…I’ve had problems with my tomatoes for the past couple of years…and that’s the thing I look forward to the most. I always seem to have plenty of peppers…but I only eat them in salsa or stir fry…

  2. Your garden is growing nicely! Blessings to you…

  3. Wow! Great photos!
    You are a couple of weeks ahead of my plants.
    Happy 4th!!!!!

    • I got kind of a late start this year…we had a wet, cool spring so it took me a little longer to get things’d think, with container gardening, it wouldn’t matter that much, wouldn’t you?

  4. Ontario weather has been cooler and drier, I guess!

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