The long and winding road to fitness, day 10

Map of United States rails with trails.

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Day 10?!  High five to me!!  Ten days of exercising, eating more good-for-me foods, and focusing on living a healthier life!  I really can tell a difference after only ten days and I know it’ll just keep getting better as I continue along on my journey.  I’m so excited about how much better I feel and how much happier I am!

I went in to get my hair cut today (just a trim, my hair grows so fast that I have to get it cut once a month to keep it looking decent), then I walked down the B-line trail (a railway converted to a walking/biking path) to do a little grocery shopping at Kroger.  I’d intended to take a picture of all that I bought, but I didn’t think of it until I had everything put away…and I wasn’t about to pull it all out again!!  I bought grape tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, watermelon, bananas, diet Pepsi (I swear, I am going to give it up eventually), PopChips (which I immediately divided up into individual serving bags…lesson learned from previous experiences with the PopChips), baked tortilla chips, dried pineapple (I use this in my homemade trail mix…mostly dried cereal with some dried fruit and maybe some nuts), black beans, Truvia, popcorn, skim milk, string cheese, Greek yogurt, Babybel cheese, natural peanut butter, whole wheat bagel thins, oj, fish and, as a reward for sticking with it, another book (I’m a voracious reader, always have been).  So a pretty good trip as far as buying healthy goes…spent more than my $50/week goal though…oh well, if I can feel this good, it’s worth a little extra expense, right?

I prepared my version of the summer salad that someone brought to me at work yesterday…tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, peppers, mushrooms and, of course, my Hendrickson’s sweet vinegar and olive oil dressing (I bet you guys think I get paid to mention that product, but I don’t.  I just seriously love it!).  Holy moly, this stuff is the best…and I’m sure it’ll be even better when I can get just picked tomatoes and cucumbers…yum!

Today, I ate 1680 calories, did 15 minutes on the exercise bike, walked for 20 minutes, did upper body strength training, 10 exercises, 2 sets of each, and about 10 minutes of stretching.  I also spent some time outside pulling weeds and watering plants…oh, we had just the nicest day here in Indiana…low humidity, temps in the lower 80s with a nice breeze…gorgeous!  I was so lucky to have today off work.

This is how I feel today…I sincerely hope you do too!!

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  1. How ironic, I’m actually almost 90% going to college in Indiana. At a university near Fort Wayne (I won’t ask where you live, because this is the internet, and that’s creepy.)

  2. YAY! You’re doing so well! I’ll have to look for Hendrickson’s, that dressing sounds good. I wouldn’t worry about the cost too much, it’s an investment in your health. I ran errands and got groceries today, too, and still have 100 calories to spare! For dinner I used a refrigerated tube of crescent rolls, spread the rectangles with Laughing Cow Chipotle cheese, topped it with spinach and fresh salsa; rolled, sliced & baked. YUM! Had a side of leftover baked beans for protein.

  3. Pop or soda or whatever you call it over there on the East side is so bad. I’d bought a summer supply when Kroger had it on sale. On Sunday I realized I had drank it all. Now I seem to have a little demon sitting on my shoulder, “drink more soda…” I drink the leaded version.

    The problem is I bought the 2 liters. I’ve been drinking 1 or 2 of those a day. With that much sugar how is it possible I’m still alive right now? Like you and your chips, I hope I’ve learned my lesson.

    • Soda is definitely addictive…the times I’ve quit drinking it, I actually had no problems (no headaches, etc), but started drinking it again…once after 6 months without…what’s that all about?

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