The long and winding road to fitness, day 7

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It’s so hard to believe that I’ve now put in a full week of eating mostly healthy, exercising every day and making an effort to get enough sleep and deal with stress in a positive manner.  I’m not sure if I really feel better or if I just think I do…lol…I guess it doesn’t matter, does it?  If I feel better or only think I do, it amounts to pretty much the same thing!!  Every day that I have to work. I’ve been getting up at 4:30 so I can get some exercise in before work and do a little writing.  I know myself well enough to know that I will find excuses not to exercise at night after work, so hitting it first thing works for me.  Do I like getting up that early?  Heck, no!!  I liked the days of sleeping late and going to bed late, but that doesn’t work with my job, so I’ve learned to adapt.

Today was a good day…I had 1637 calories for the day, rode the exercise bike for 12 minutes, walked for 15 minutes, did upper body strength training (7 exercises, 2 sets of each), managed to get almost 7 hours of sleep and was in a good mood (most of the time).   I ended up eating 5 1/2 servings of fruit/veggies today…so getting better in that regard.  Even had spinach on my turkey sandwich…yum!

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that exercise improves my mood…why in the world would I ever stop exercising when I know this to be true?  I know we all think we’re too tired to exercise, or too busy, or too something else…but when you look at the benefits, why not give it a try if only for 10 minutes?  Usually, after 10 minutes, you keep going.  Funny how it’s almost never as bad as we think it’ll be.  On the days when I tell myself to do at least 10 minutes, that I can quit after 10 minutes if I still feel like I have to, I usually manage to keep moving.  Rarely will I be in so much pain that I give myself a break, but it does happen occasionally.  And that’s okay too.  We have to learn to listen to our bodies, give them the nutrition they need to perform, move them to keep them strong and healthy, but also rest them when they need it.  I guess the key is learning when it’s our bodies talking and when it’s our minds trying to convince our bodies to quit.  Our minds can be pretty tricky…we just have to learn how to be trickier….

So, how was your Saturday?  Did you fit in some exercise?  Spend the day with family or friends?  Did you have a cookout or a picnic, go for a walk, sit outside and enjoy the nice weather?  I worked all day, but it was a pretty good day anyhow…worked with good people, the customers were nice and cheery, we managed to get a lot done, and little Spooky girl was right there at the front door as soon as I opened it.  How nice to know that someone appreciates it when you come back home…although, in Spooky’s case, it may just have been that she was wanting some food…

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  1. Your cat looks rather ghost-like…hence the name Spooky?

    • Well…I’m going to date myself here, but she’s actually named after the song “Spooky”…

      • Ah, well, I’ve never heard of it. Who’s it by?

      • Ha! I would be surprised if you had heard of it…it’s way, way before your time..the band was Classics IV..still never heard of them, huh? It’s just one of those catchy old songs that I find stuck in my head at random times!! Why I chose that name for my cat, who knows…just one of those crazy things I find myself doing!!

  2. I have a dark gray cat with yellow-green eyes like Spooky. I call him Shady. Aren’t they sweet? I love my kitty.

    We had a lovely day today. My hubby had some serious episodes yesterday, and today he was much better. Seeing his improvement really cheered me, and him, also.

    We had pasta alfredo, the old-fashioned kind without the cream, Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper, and butter. I tried to behave and have a reasonable serving. You do better on your diet than I. I did walk a little today. Mostly I rejoiced all day seeing my hubby getting better.

    You are inspiring me to do better on my weight loss plan. Blessings to you, Patti…

    • Thank you so much, Carol Ann. And I’m so glad to hear that your husband is doing better. That right there is enough to make your day better!!

  3. As I was reading this, I thought “I should start excercising.” Not today though I worked 10 1/2 hours and it nearly killed me. I give you a lot of credit for working out before going to your job.

    My cats (I got a friend for the kitty) don’t greet me at the door like your Spooky does. I always have to call for them. They come running to stand by their food bowls and yowl. Wow, growing kitties eat so much.

    • Don’t you just love those long work days? That’s why I work out in the morning, I work at least 9 1/2 hours a day, sometimes up to 14 (closer to Christmas)…I can guarantee you I’m not going to come home and work out after that!! Cats are funny, mamas home so it must be time to eat!!

  4. Attitude is everything! When people ask ‘how’s your day’ my response is “Always good”…. Keep in mind, it wasn’t always easy to say. But your right, and your on the right path! Thanks for sharing your journey which in itself is an inspiration and encouragement to others! I too have learned that exercise and our health is an important part of making us ‘feel’ better. Saturdays are always great! from May to Sept, we have a wonderful Farmers Market. So not only do you get to walk to and from the market down the hill, but buying organic fresh food, helps encourage one to eat healthier too.! Love the blogs :o) Keep us posted.

  5. Aww thanks, Mindy…I think the positive attitude is somewhat difficult for me, but I’m working on it!! We have a great farmers market too…I love going to it, actually the picture at the top of my blog is cropped from one of my farmers market hauls.

  6. You had a great day! Good for you on getting up so early to get your exercise done.

    • Thanks, Patti…that’s the only way I can be sure I’ll do it…usually way too tired when I get home from a long day on my feet at work…

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