The long and winding road to fitness, day 5

Soft waffle

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Oh my…I actually had a good night’s sleep last  night…hard to believe, but true.   And I think that made all the difference in how I felt today.  I worked all day, on my feet the entire time except for the first 45 minutes and the last 45 minutes when I was trying to get a little work done in the office.  I didn’t wear my pedometer today…wish I had…I’d like to know how many steps I took today…all I know is that it was a bunch!!  After working all day, I still feel pretty good.  Usually I come home exhausted, but I came home tonight and prepared some whole wheat, oatmeal, flax-seed waffles for breakfast tomorrow…hmm…just realized I didn’t take a picture…oh well, they look like…well, like waffles.  Tomorrow I’ll throw a couple in the toaster and put a little peanut butter on them for my breakfast.  I put most of them in the freezer…haven’t you noticed how quickly homemade bread products will mold?  Ewww!

I had 1670 calories for the day…not quite the 1500 goal I’d set for myself, but still pretty darn good, especially when you compare it to what I was eating…let’s not even go there…I rode the exercise bike for 11 minutes this morning…hey, I’m gradually increasing it, one minute at a time twice a week…won’t be long before I’m back up to the 30 minute mark!  I did lower body strength training, 7 exercises, 2 sets of each and I walked 20 minutes in addition to all the walking I did at work today…and I’m going to try to get to sleep by 9…that would give me 7 1/2 hours of sleep…not bad!

I still haven’t stopped at the grocery store…I think I’ll run in there before work in the morning and get some bread, fruit and veggies…that would get me through until my next day off work.  So, that’s the plan tonight, let’s see if I manage to stick to it~~

So, does anyone have someone close by that you can walk with or talk to about getting healthier?  I have a couple of people who will listen, but I don’t think they really understand as they’ve never really been overweight.  And I know most people get bored listening to anyone talking about things they really have no interest in.  Who do you discuss your problems, goals, desires, meals, and exercise with?

How was your day?  Get enough sleep, exercise, healthy foods?  And what’s on your grocery list?  Are you going to try something new?

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  1. I think this was for yesterday? I had a salad at Panera for lunch, so ate multigrain Cheerios for dinner. It wasn’t a cardio day, I walked a good bit during errands. Sorry this is short, hubby’s packing the car and we’re heading to visit family this weekend.

  2. That waffle looks good. Peanut butter on a waffle sounds like a good breakfast. Did housework today but didn’t get in my walk. I may be in a holding pattern, no pounds lost, none gained. I HOPE none gained. Didn’t get around to checking out those calorie counting websites yet. Blessings…

    • I do like peanut butter…I’m not much of a breakfast food for breakfast eater (I prefer breakfast food for dinner), so usually have peanut butter for my morning protein…

  3. I’m glad you finally slept and I hope you’re planning to talk to the dr about the insomnia. Not trying to give advice, just sayin…

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog since I came across it. I always think while I’m opening your daily post, “I wonder what Patti did today.”

    • Thanks Simone…how sweet that you wonder what I’ve been up to…usually nothing good…lol…yeah, I’ve talked to the doc about the insomnia…could take sleeping pills, but don’t really want to do that…

  4. I don’t like sleeping pills either. I went thru a horrible insomnia stage two years ago. Since I don’t have health insurance I looked into supplements. I felt like I was low on DHA (if I remember it has a connection to people struggling with weight loss) so I started taking that. Now if I have trouble sleeping I take melatonin (I LOVE melatonin).

    Apologies if you already know about these. I’m not saying these type of supplements would work for everyone. I felt they helped me but I have no idea if they would anyone else.

    • I have used melatonin off and on, now I read that you have to give it time to work…that’s me, always impatient…I want results and I want them now!!

  5. Myneice is living with me right now, and we both need to lose weight. It’s nice to have someone to talk with about this journey..

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