Tooth extraction and fuzzy thoughts

My upper and lower wisdom teeth, just extracted.

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Well, I had to have a tooth pulled Monday afternoon…filled a prescription for antibiotics and another for pain meds on Tuesday…started feeling kind of weird (well, I often feel weird, but this was weirder than usual)…went to work Wednesday, started getting really sick to my stomach, my skin was blotchy, was feeling kind of itchy…so what?  A reaction to the antibiotics?  One of my friends commented that I had the same thing happen the last time I took antibiotics…I guess I must have been so sick that time that I don’t even remember that.  So today I went back in and got a different prescription and told them to make a note of which ones seem to cause me problems so that they don’t prescribe them again.  When I got home, I took a pain pill and that’s when the fuzzy head really began.  It’s like I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight…see, this is why I’ve never been one to do any kind of drugs or even drink much…I don’t like feeling like that…I don’t like feeling like I have no control (yes, yes, I definitely have control issues…).  I think I don’t want to take the pain pills unless I am in excruciating pain…how in the world do people get addicted to those things?  Well, I guess if you are in excruciating pain and it allows you some measure of relief, I can see how you might continue using them and then get addicted.  Thank goodness I’m not in that much pain and hopefully never will be.  It was just a tooth extraction, after all.  Remember, back in the good old days, people didn’t even go see a dentist, they just yanked those bad boys out at home…holy moly…with that thought in mind, I think I need to go take another pain pill!!  And maybe throw back a stiff drink…well, if I had a stiff drink in the house to throw back!  Maybe a cup of lukewarm coffee will have the same effect…uh…right…probably not…