Hummus…a convenience food?


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I was trying to figure out what to take to work for my for the rest of the week.  Nothing in the freezer or fridge was calling my name.  I looked in the pantry, thought about quinoa and black beans…one of my favorite dishes.  Then I saw the package of hummus mix on the shelf.  Oh yeah, quick, easy, tasty and good for me.  I grabbed the box…

and proceeded to mix up this wonderful convenience food.  All it takes is olive oil and warm water…can you believe that?  I love hummus, but I usually can’t eat an entire container of the pre-made stuff before it goes bad.  With this mix, I just put some of the mix in a bowl, saving the rest for another day.

How convenient is that?  And way better for me than a frozen dinner or a Lean Pocket, right?  I’ll pick a few lettuce leaves in the morning, use the hummus as a spread on a sandwich thin and top it with lettuce and pickles…yum!!  Throw in a piece of fruit and I’m ready to go!!


7 Responses

  1. Yum! I always make mine from scratch but will have to try the mix. Since I started my job I’ve been struggling a bit for new lunches to take. Thanks for the idea!

    • I like to make mine from scratch too, but this is a quick, easy mix for days like yesterday when I don’t feel like cooking…it is hard to find different things to take for lunch every day…I tend to stick to the same things day after day until I’m sick of them and end up getting fast food…crazy!!

  2. That’s a great idea. I’ve seen it at the store, but hadn’t dared to try it yet. And I’ve never thought to put black beans in my quinoa. We love it with peas. Do you add any seasonings with the beans?

    • Usually, when I make quionoa and black beans, I use onion, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, olive oil…every once in a while I’ll put in cilantro or basil…just whatever I feel like at the time. What do you use?

      • We had it the first time with our young grandchildren so it was rather bland: quinoa, peas, smart balance, salt, pepper. Your recipe sounds delish!

  3. I didn’t know there was a mix! I’m going to look for that and try it. Like you, I don’t always make it through the refrrigerated container. I never thought of putting pickles on it, either. Going to give that a go, too!


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