2011 is almost half over and my weight loss is…

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…kind of going nowhere.  Why?  Well, I’ve simply been eating the wrong food (and way too much of it) and not exercising enough.  I’ve been in a lot of pain for most of this year.  The thing is, not exercising doesn’t ease the pain, so I might as well exercise and at least lose some of this weight, which could end up helping with the pain.  After giving this a lot of thought over the past few days (I’ve been on vacation, so I’ve had some free time), I realized that I’ve not been planning for success…I’ve not really been planning at all…and what’s that saying?  Failing to plan is planning to fail?  You got that right!

So I’ve planned my meals and snacks for the first part of the week, what exercise I’m going to do each day, and to get back to SparkPeople on a regular basis.  For anyone who hasn’t visited that site, give it a try.  It’s totally free and has so much to offer.  You can track your nutritional intake (they’ll even design a menu for you if you want) and exercise (lots of free videos), tons of info on health, fitness, wellness, weight loss, and there are “teams” where you can connect with people in similar situations.  When I was successful in losing weight over the past few years, I was logging on to SparkPeople on a daily basis.  I kind of got away from that when I was working so much last fall and winter, then never really went back…silly me…why walk away from such a beneficial online community?  Well, now I’m walking back, plan in place.  I may not have achieved my goals for the first half of the year, but that doesn’t mean I won’t for the second half!!


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  1. That’s right! We all face hurdles or get off track from time to time, but we get back in the race and press on! You can DO this!

  2. Thanks, Patti!! I feel like I’m actually getting back on track…not sure how to explain it, but it’s being able to say “no” to myself when I know what I’m thinking about doing (eating half a pizza?) isn’t really in my best interest…I’m getting there…thanks for the encouragement!

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