My least favorite teacher

This was yesterday’s blog prompt on WordPress.  As soon as I read it, I knew exactly who my least favorite teacher of all time was.  First, let me say, I have great respect for the difficult work that teachers do (for nowhere near enough money, by the way).  Most teachers are extremely dedicated and sincerely want their students to succeed…not because they (the teachers) are judged by the idiotic standardized tests that have been instituted under No Child Left Behind (a joke in and of itself), but because they genuinely care about their students. 

Having said that, I have to admit, there are teachers who should never have entered the profession.  Unfortunately I had one of those teachers in high school, 10th grade world history.  I lost what little respect I had for the “teacher” when he forced a young guy to stand up in front of the class and attempt to read out loud, knowing this kid couldn’t read.  Let me say that again… The teacher knew this student couldn’t read and decided to humiliate him in front of everyone by forcing him to stand in front of all of us, struggling to make sense of words that made no sense to him.  (In retrospect, the kid probably had some sort of undiagnosed reading disorder).  What possible thoughts could this teacher have had that made this acceptable behavior on his part?  How was this even remotely teaching?  Even I, as a sophomore in high school, could see that this was a blatant attack on this kid.  There was certainly no attempt to help the student overcome his problems.  This teacher just didn’t care, had no compassion at all.

I think many of us forget that not everyone has the same skills or ability to learn in the same way. I’d be surprised if this teacher ever knew (or cared) this in the first place.  Wow…I’d completely forgotten about this teacher…I don’t really care what became of him, but I sure do wonder what happened with the young man he so horribly mistreated.  I do remember that he dropped out of school shortly after this incident…wish I’d been courageous enough to have called the teacher out on his behavior.  The lesson in this for me, stand up for those who are mistreated and abused so I don’t have these same regrets 30 years from now about someone else.