A cute new do makes everything better

Modern Social Security card.

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My ongoing struggles with the Social Security Administration and the BMV (this is fodder for another blog) have had me wanting to pull my hair out.  So today I decided to see my stylist for a new do…figured that’s got to be better than pulling my hair out.   And it was!  I had an idea for a new style and she took that idea and improved it.  The results were so, so cute.  She just kept saying that this was the cutest style for me that we’d ever come up with.  It’s short with kind of wispy, fringey thing going around the face…too cute!!

That certainly improved my mood after battling government agencies most of the day yesterday and getting nowhere.  I’m taking all of my paperwork in tomorrow to see if we can get things straightened out.  If not, well…somehow I’ll manage to figure it out.  There’s got to be a way to prove that I’m not any kind of terrorist and that I really am who I say I am…okay, I’m stopping…it’ll get resolved…the new do has given me a new sense of  resolve and, well, cuteness!!