Testing the waters

Moving Truck

Image by netmonkey via Flickr

When it comes to change, are you the type of person who hesitantly sticks your big toe in the water to test it?  Or do you dive in head first, not worrying about what the water may conceal?  Me?  I’m more the big toe in the water tester…and it usually takes me quite a while to even approach the water.  I don’t readily embrace change.  I like routine.  I like being comfortable in my environment.  I’m not especially daring.  I approach new situations with extreme caution.

Has this behavior worked in my favor in my life?  I think there was a time in my life, many years ago, when this was a protective mechanism that worked for me.  But I think that time is long gone.  Now I think this type of behavior is preventing me from living the life I want to live.  I want to do things I’ve never done, go places I’ve never been, experience things I’ve only imagined.  And it’s pretty difficult to do those things when you’re not willing to try something new.

So…I’ve talked with our district manager and human resources person about moving somewhere else to have a store of my own.  Their responses have been very encouraging.  I’m sure this is going to happen, just don’t know when or where.  Wow…for someone who has never really liked change, this is huge.  I told the HR rep that I’d move anywhere…that kind of scares me, but I also find it very exciting.  I’m ready to start a new adventure in my life.  Who would have thunk it?


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations! That’s pretty cool.

  2. Thanks…pretty cool….and kind of scary at the same time!!

  3. This is incredibly exciting! Embrace it! You never know what amazing opportunities will be in store!

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