There’s a bad wind blowing

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I feel almost guilty talking about the storms that blew through here yesterday when you consider the devastation in Joplin, Missouri and now the tornadoes in Oklahoma, but I’m going to do it anyhow.  The weather really took a bad turn late yesterday afternoon.  A storm blew in quickly and with very little warning.  Very heavy rain and high winds hit our area for a brief period of time.  I was at work where the lights kept flickering.  My boss repeatedly asked, “Who has a flashlight?  Who has a flashlight?”  Well…nobody had a flashlight until he dug a couple out.  When we turned on the weather radio, it became obvious how serious the storm was.  There were a lot of trees down, roads closed, some power lines down (yikes!).

When the rain finally eased up a little and the wind had died down, I went home.  That’s when I could see how strong the storm had been.  A lot of trees were down all over town, including several that destroyed an apartment building close to campus.  My neighbor met me at my front door to inform me that the power was out and was expected to remain out for several hours (she was worried about what I’d eat for dinner…I ended up eating a bowl of cereal).   Where I live, we don’t often have issues with power outages.  It happens more so in the country.  It really wasn’t too bad for me.  I opened the upstairs windows (by this time the rain had completely stopped), so had a nice breeze.  I woke up at 1:45 am when the power came back on.  Pretty good work by the men and women who work for the power company.  On the news tonight, I heard that about 5,000 people around here still don’t have power and probably won’t until late tomorrow.  We’re still not sure if a tornado came through here or not.  Whatever it was, we made it through it with relatively little damage.

This is part of a tree that came down in front of the building next to mine.  I didn’t see anything serious in the complex where I live.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty blessed…no serious injuries due to these storms, lots of property damage, but things can be replaced.  My heart goes out to the people who are dealing with much more serious storm damage, injuries and even death. Prayers are going out for those people daily. 


2 Responses

  1. I hear you. We lost power for several hours–sheesh you take it for granted until you have none. Many trees went down and most were alive and over 30 years old which was weird. Thankfully, that was all. I was all weirded out over that little bit, but you’re right what the people in Joplin have to deal with is so much worse.

  2. Hopefully we’ll be just as lucky with this next batch of storms that are predicted for this evening…

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