Like A Bird On A Wire

Image by Bruce McKay~YSP via Flickr

Ahh…a rough work week is over and the weekend beckons me, tempting me to sleep late (which for me, is usually around 7…I well remember the day that crawling out of bed at 7 am was considered getting up way too early), relax, and sit outside listening to the birds.

However, the reality is that I have so much I need to get done…errands to be run, housework to be done, planting to be taken care of, bills to be paid (why does that always have to be on the to-do list?), and yard work that’s been put off way too long.  So I’ll try to make an early start of it in the morning so I can make it back home in time to get outside to try to accomplish at least a little before the heat hits…looks like mid 80s the next few days.  Sheesh, this turning the heat on for a few days, then the AC a few days later is ridiculous.  But, after living in a house for several years with no AC, I certainly appreciate it.

I definitely plan to make the time to sit outside and enjoy the birds, flowers and scenery though.  I’ll take some pictures of whatever strikes my fancy.  Weekends off work can’t be all about working at home, can they?


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