Questions about life changes

Why is change so difficult for most of us?  Even when we know that the change is in our best interest, we still hesitate and worry and fight it.  I know I do.  Is it just that I am comfortable with the way things are?  Is it fear of what might happen?  Is it concern that people in a new situation won’t like me?  Or that I’ll fail if I make the attempt to do something new?  Any of these?  All of these?

I may have to make a decision to change some things about my life early next year and I’m already worrying about it.  Part of me is just a little excited about it, wondering what is to come.  I guess that’s the part of me I need to work on building up, learn to embrace change and accept whatever the future might bring.  There are a lot of options available to me.  I need to evaluate all of them and choose what I believe will bring me the greatest happiness.  Frightening, yes, but also just a little bit exhilarating.  There will definitely be more to this story…stay tuned.