You can help stamp out hunger today


Image by Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank via Flickr

Take a few minutes today to help your community feed people in need. The Stamp Out Hunger food drive  is one of the largest food drives in my community and one of the easiest to participate in.  All you have to do is leave a bag (or two or three…) of nonperishable food items (items such as toothpaste are also welcome) at your mailbox for your mail carrier to pick up.  They will then donate everything to a local food bank.  Even if you can only donate one can of food, that one can will help someone else put food on their table. 

10 boxes of spaghetti, 3 cans tuna, 2 cans milk, 1 can spaghetti sauce. 2 jars peanut butter, 2 boxes tea, 1 box Stove Top stuffing.

6 boxes pasta, 3 cans fruit, 1 can pumpkin, 2 tubes toothpaste, 1 box pudding, 5 boxes oatmeal.

2 cans beans, 1 can ravioli, 2 cans milk, 10 cans assorted vegetables, 1 can tomato paste, 2 cans soup, 2 bags pretzels.

I had set a goal to donate 50 items today and exceeded that goal by donating 60 items!  What will you donate today?