A letter to my mom


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Dear Mom,

Well, it’s another Mothers Day and I find myself missing you more than ever.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since you left us, but that really is how long it’s been.  Holidays are always the hardest days to get through, remembering how we all would get together and simply enjoy one another’s company, have cookouts in your back yard, or gather in your family room.  It’s all so different now, like you were the glue that held us all together.  Very rarely do we get together any more.  Everyone is always too busy, myself included.  You made those family get togethers important enough that we all made the time.  Now, everyone is scattered all across the country and we communicate by email and facebook.  It’s definitely not the same.

I have a lot of memories that I cherish, and the most precious ones are of the simple things we did.  Like going out to Spring Mill and walking around the lake, feeding the ducks and getting chased by the geese.  Those geese always were greedy, mean birds.  But we laughed about it and always brought enough bread to feed them all.

Or the time you, Kathy and I were at the Bedford Mall. You were driving and commented about how much you hated that parking lot because the cars were always darting in and out and causing near collisions.  When we looked around, there wasn’t a single car moving except ours and we all laughed and laughed, we just couldn’t stop laughing.  And you were laughing as loudly as we were.

I still smile when I think about us playing Yahtzee when Brian, Phillip and I were kids.  We couldn’t afford to buy those fancy pads with all the possible scoring possibilities already printed on them, but we’d played the game so often that we all could just write out our own papers.  You would get so excited when you’d get a yahtzee, you’d just shout out “yahtzee!” and laugh.  I’m not sure, but I think you won most of the time.

I also fondly remember you driving us wherever when we were kids, all of us singing hymns…Shall We Gather At The River, Leaning on Jesus…we always liked the ones that had us all singing our own parts.  Where we lived, the radio reception was spotty, but we didn’t care.  We could make our own music.

And the grandkids, oh, how you loved spending time with them.  Little Brian was the first and you’d get him every chance you had.  You were Mamaw Wink and it didn’t matter to you if those kids were related by blood or by marriage…you loved them all equally.  I wish you were here now to see the beautiful adults they’ve all become, how proud you would be of each of them and how you would adore the new little babies being born into the family now.  It breaks my heart to know that none of these babies will really know you.  All they’ll know of you will be the stories we tell them, and that’s so sad.

Mom, this is all so bittersweet.  I cherish the memories I have of you, but I wish with all my heart, that you were still here with us.  You were taken from us much too soon.  But know that I’ve always loved you.  You are my hero and my inspiration.  Happy Mothers Day, Mom.

Love always,

Mom trying to get me to pet the big doggie

Mom, Jennifer, and Jessica  1989


3 Responses

  1. Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Lovely and very touching post.

  2. aww…thanks, so many of my old friends (from grade school and junior high) shared memories of my mom with me on facebook today….it was so nice to see that she was remembered so fondly.

  3. Great post and thanks for sharing the memories of your mom. I enjoyed reading it. I hope you had a great day!

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